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The first booklet/leaflet that I have analysed is the

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The first booklet/leaflet that I have analysed is the "Patient Information Booklet" from the Leukaemia Foundation. I must determine the purpose of the booklet, the content, the writing style and layout & how the layout could be improved. Purpose: The purpose of the booklet is to give as much information and advice on the various types of leukaemias and associated blood diseases to patients. It lets patients know about the types of treatment that they are likely to receive and it informs them of what their disease could be and gives them detailed information about the symptoms and how the disease works. The Content: The booklet is full of different information about leukaemia. It informs the patient about where leukaemia begins, what leukaemia is, what causes leukaemia, how leukaemia is diagnosed, the types of leukaemia, the symptoms, the treatment, the supportive care that is available and gives information about the leukaemia Foundation Charity. ...read more.


Summarising The Content: There is a lot of information in the booklet but it is well presented and organised. It is aimed at adult readers and would be difficult for a child to understand. It explains nearly everything that a patient would need to know about leukaemia. It gives an idea of what a person with leukaemia will experience and just how bad those sorts of conditions are. It lets patients know that there are people to help and support them, lets them know what to expect, it informs the public of the warning signs of leukaemia and how to get it treated. Effectiveness: I believe that this booklet is very effective. The way it takes you step-by-step through all the information makes it interesting to read and easy to follow. It follows a logical sequence and conveys its message very well. ...read more.


It also gives people a way to send in donations to the charity. The Content: The content of the leaflet is mainly information about the nurses, what is involved in becoming a nurse and what a nurse's duties are. It is centred around the nurses rather than the patients and aimed at potential volunteers. The images depict nurses helping families by offering emotional support or by just spending time with the patients and being a friend. It describes the work that Marie Curie do and how they work. It tells the reader about how they pull together with other heath and help organisations, how they are contacted, the education a Marie Curie nurse receives, and how a high quality service is maintained. The leaflet gives contact information and details of fundraising offices for people who want to make a contribution to the charity. The Writing Style & Language: Matt Beckett Page 1 of 2 Presenting Information Coursework ...read more.

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