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The functional areas of Cadbury's.

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The functional areas of Cadbury's In a business there are numerous different job roles and they have many different functions. There are six functional areas, they each have their individual manager, and some sections are bigger than others here are the six areas: * Human Resources * Finance * Marketing * Research and Development * Production * Administration Human resources Out of the six functional areas, Human Resources is the most significant to the employees at Cadbury's, they deal with the welfare of all the workers in the organisation and try to keep everyone happy. What they try to do is motivate employees so they will work to the greatest of their abilities. If the employees aren't happy then they won't work as hard, Cadbury's will not do as well and the products will not be produced at a high quality. The Human Resource section in Cadbury's main purposes is to recruit, select, train and develop staff. This means they recruit people who have the correct qualifications, talent and who are enthusiastic. They will be able to be trained and developed in the shortest time possible. They need to be able to achieve their maximum potential that they are capable of. They deal with retention and dismissal of the employees as well. Human Resources are also responsible for the health and safety around Cadbury's to make sure the laws are implemented. ...read more.


The reason why Cadbury wants to find out information is because it will help make higher profits. Cadbury marketing section must not promote a product that production will not be able to produce in time. They need to be in close contact with production to make sure that they will be able to make the products in time. If this section was not in the Cadbury's company then they would not be able to promote offers and new products to the public. They would also not be able to reflect on ideas and suggestions from the general public about their confectionary. These ideas and suggestions could help improve Cadbury's profits. Research and development The research and development department is the department that researches new products and develops the old products. To remain successful, Cadburys must constantly work to create new and better products and processes. The research that they do involves carrying out investigation to come up with new idea, this can be done by carrying out brainstorms, examining competitor's products, asking the public what they think of existing products and questionnaires. Development involves turning the findings of the research into useful products or processes to help the company. The research and development department must work closely with the marketing and production departments in particular this is because marketing and production are the beginning and end of producing a product. ...read more.


By research and development Cadbury is growing by the department researching and developing ideas they can achieve their objectives. They can then develop new lines of chocolate and other products. Research and Development also helps meet another objective set by Cadbury's, which is "Branch into healthcare products" Research and development can help met this by finding out what the general public think of this idea and to see if there is a profitable market there, then they can then develop these products. Production The production department in Cadburys helps to meet several objectives, which are "Highly motivated staff," This helps to be achieved by the employees being motivated so that they work hard and produce products at an efficient rate. Another objective that they are meeting is to "Survive" because they need to produce products at a constant rate for them to be able to make a profit and to survive without them going bankrupt (even though Cadburys is making a high profit). Administration This section helps Cadburys to meet their "Survival" objective, because this department provides a supporting role to the other functions and with out this function the other function would not be able to perform successfully. Another objective that the administrational function helps meet is "Working together to create brands people love," They do this by encouraging staff to work towards the same goals which then leads to the business being brought together effectively. Abigail hicks 28th October 2003 E3 - 1 - ...read more.

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