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The Louvre museum is one of the most well known museums in the world. It is one of Paris's many tourist attractions and contains about 300,000 works of art divided into seven sections.

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Identify Introduction The Louvre museum is one of the most well known museums in the world. It is one of Paris's many tourist attractions and contains about 300,000 works of art divided into seven sections. Founded in 1793, the Louvre is the most visited museum in the world with nearly 6 million visitors each year. Recently I have given the task for creating a computerized information center for the visitors of the museum to display information of the most popular works of art and their location. Manual Navigation The visitor of the museum needs to first get a map to the museum. On the map the different sections of the museum are marked according to what part of history they represent. Not all visitors to the museum know about the different works of arts in the museum. Most will go through each section of the museum, regardless to whether it appeals to their interest or not. This may be fine for many, especially the tourists; however many will want to only want to see most famous objects in the museum due to the lack of time to go through the whole of this massive museum. ...read more.


Maps are not enough for that and audio books may be inconvenient to some people or even unavailable Problems for the current system 1. Audio books require a large deposit which most people wont be ready to pay 2. Foreign visitors cannot read the French description of the object and therefore will not satisfy their curiosity 3. Not all visitors are interested in the same things and so the map, which shows only 1 or 2 pictures per section, will not necessary make the visitor want to visit that section if he doesn't know what it is about. 4. It takes a lot of time for a visitor to go around the whole museum if he doesn't know what he really wants to see. 5. Audio books are taken very early in the day leaving customers who come in the afternoon with no choice but to go around the museum not understanding the information written under each object in the museum, which takes away the interest in visiting the museum in the first place Alternative Solutions: 1. ...read more.


the end are: ==> The program created should be user friendly and easy to navigate and the user shouldn't take long to find what he wants. ==> The users should be able to know the importance of the work of art. ==> The program should provide them with proper directions to the work of art. ==> The users should be completely satisfied with the information and not be left in more doubt. ==> It should be easy to install on several machines. ==> Clear pictures of the works of art should be displayed. ==> The program should contain information for at least 50 objects in the museum to satisfy the various visitors' interests. E.g.: some visitors are only interested in ancient Greece and Egypt and want to see objects related to these eras. There should also be enough of important things to visit in each of the 7 sections of the museum. ==> The information viewed should be in Standard English and not be hard to understand to widen the scope of the users able to use the program. ...read more.

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