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The main aim of this research is to evaluate the information on the human resource management and the role of HRM in the organization along with the different concepts and human resource strate

Extracts from this document...


Title The human resource management and the relationship of HR strategies used in the organization and their performance Abstract Mostly in the literature, the relationship among the organization performance and HR strategies is a big problem which makes significant variations. The reason of such variations is the existence of numerous parameters which may affects the output created by analyzing this problem in preparation. Furthermore, it is very challenging task to remark the significance and the role of each participants in the firm of each specific organizational section, especially when such a definite business idea does not exists while investigation. Title......................................................................................................... Abstract................................................................................................... Table of Contents........................................................................................... Table of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction to the research.......................................................................9 1.1 Aim 1.2 Objectives 1.3 Introduction to HRM 1.4 Purpose Statement Chapter 2 Literature Review...................................................................................10 2.1 Meaning of human resource management 2.1.1 Core Elements of human resource management 2.2 Role of human resource management 2.2.1 Advisory role: 2.2.2 Functional role 2.2.3 Service role 2.3 Challenges of human resource management in Indian economy 2.3.1 Globalization 2.3.2 Corporate re-organization 2.3.3 New organizational forms 2.3.4 Challenging demographics of work place 2.3.5 Changed employee expenditure 2.3.6 New industrial relation approach 2.3.7 Renewed people focus 2.3.8 Managing the managers 2.3.9 Weaker society interests 2.3.10 Contribution to the success of organization 2.4 Human resource management overview 2.5 HRM resources 2.6 Human resource management in the organization 2.7 The importance of Human Resource being Strategic 2.8 The consequences of Human resource not being strategic 2.8.1 Human Resource being too involved in administration 2.8.2 The poor human resource Personal competencies 2.8.3 The human resource not measured in dollars 2.8.4 The human resource not in co-ordination with other department goals 2.9 Strategic human resource management 2.10 Role of human resource management in strategic management 2.11 Human resource development 2.12 Proactive human resource strategies for future planning's and growth 2.13 Human resource planning 2.14 Human resource planning process 2.15 Existing human resources 2.15.1 Managerial succession planning 2.15.2 Succession planning 2.15.3 Career planning Chapter 3 Research Analysis..........................................................................................23 3.1 Human resource strategy ...read more.


Main objective of this component is improving whole effectiveness and productivity and it is possible by increasing individual potential and performance. Performance management is dealt with * Improving collective and individual performance * Expectations of managers are communicated to staff supervision * Communication should be improved among staff, senior manager and staff * Career prospects of staff is improved by their assistance through rewarding and recognizing candidates effective performance * Underperformance cases must be identified and resolved. * Important links must have provided to functions of human resource management like training etc... Performance management totally has seven components. Those components are listed below: * Motivation * promotion * performance appraisal * supervision and guidance * addressing poor performance 3.12.1 Motivation Motivation is main key in human resource management success development. Performance is increased by self motivation rather than external motivation and self motivation is main aim of managers and it brings higher performance standards. 3.12.2 Principle Managing staff effectively is main principle in organization. Employee must show self management without using any rules and controls. 3.12.3 Procedures Staff can be motivated effectively by including recognition, giving praise and positive feedback. By passing feedbacks of staff to senior managers, in organization everybody knows who is working well and who is giving best efforts to organization. 'Management by mistake' is other thing involved in organization and most of feedback in this received for mistakes. When staff performed any genuine mistake, if he guided in right direction in that situation, staff can perform very well and he will be supported. Staff should be guided in right direction towards confident, positive, taking responsibilities and making decision in proper way. Staff can give their best if they have clear expectations, trusted, valued, encouraged and motivated. 3.12.4 Promotion Individual employee skills, attitude, ability and knowledge are denoted by promotion which is required for them to perform their tasks effectively at next level of higher. ...read more.


It is not sure that the human resource manager will directly lead to the success of the organization, but if the HR manager is capable of managing each and every aspect in the organization and manage the employees to achieve the goals of the organization then that particular organization will be successful and will be able to achieve the goals and get more number of the profits. 5.2 Limitations The present investigation is limited because the information which is provided me is very essential but I cannot say that only my research is enough to manage the organization so the tools to maintain any programs are very probable than delivered by all the companies which will be busy in the investigation of present research. According to this base, the individual progress and satisfaction of job would be easily observed and difficult to prove the problems of the presence workplace. That's why, already mentioned before- generally concentrating on the analysis of Human resource strategies and these results the practices of the organization current commercial market. The presence of particular variations in the particular problem will be solved by using statistical or case examined specially in the authorized region. 5.3 Future Work This study proved that the human resource management is one of the major aspect for the organization to be successful within the marketplace. The different types of the human resource strategies are involved within the human resource management. In most of the organizations the human resource manager is the key person for the organization who will design and manage the human resource strategies. So the human resource manager should be more efficient and must be able to manage each and every aspect related to the organization. Even though the human resource strategies are designed well, and if the manager is not having the standard capability to manage the organization then it leads to the failures, so organization should recruit the efficient human resource managers so that particular organization will be capable of reaching the goals and can even get more profits. ...read more.

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