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The main purpose of this research is to know and analyze whether the Olympic 2012 will benefit the image of London as the major tourist destination.

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Title Benefits of 2012 Olympics to the London and Tourism Industry in London Abstract The main purpose of this research is to know and analyze whether the Olympic 2012 will benefit the image of London as the major tourist destination. By taking the nations that hosted the Olympics previously and the present marketing standard of London tourism as examples I want to fulfil my research work. This study will provide detailed information on the Olympic Games and the present marketing strategies of this games which are taking place in London. By making use of this study I wish to support London Olympics Committee that how far London hosts these Olympic Games efficiently and benefit the London tourism. Table of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction to the research.......................................................................................... 1.1 Aim 1.2 Objectives 1.3 Purpose Statement 1.4 Ethical Issues 1.5 Introduction 1.6 Structure 1.7 Background of the Project Chapter 2 Literature review................................................................................................................... 2.1 Importance of Games for UK Tourism 2.1 Branding 2.2 Image 2.3 Marketing Strategies 2.3.1 Useful information about the Games for visitors to the UK 2.3.2 Information about services 2.3.3 Games specific services for guests 2.3.4 Business as Usual 2.3.5 Special offers 2.3.6 Torch Relays, Test Events and Live Sites 2.3.7 Showing broadcasts of the Games at bars, restaurants and hotels 2.3.8 Games tickets & hospitality packages 2.4 Structure of the tourism industry 2.5 Domestic tourism 2.6 Inbound tourism 2.7 Outbound tourism 2.8 London tourism 2.9 London Tourist Attractions and 2012 Olympics 2.10 Managing Olympic Games by London 2.11 Financial System of London Chapter 3 Research Methodology........................................................................................................... 3.1 Introduction 3.2 The research methodology considered 3.3 Qualitative research methodology 3.4 Quantitative research methodology 3.5 The research design: Case study approach 3.6 The Case study chosen 3.7 The data collection methods 3.8 The Primary source of data 3.9 The secondary source of information 3.10 The sample size considered 3.11 Methodology used in the research process Chapter 4 Research Analysis.............................................................................................................. ...read more.


The views as well as the ideas which are been provided by the respondents involved in the interviews and the semi structured interviews is been considered as the key information in the entire research process. The information which is been gathered by using this source is very true and genuine and it is considered as the key information because it is the direct information for the research. (Sasha Hurrell, 2004) 3.9 The secondary source of information There is a necessity of the secondary source of the information that is needed to continue the research process and the findings from this research are been compared with the primary source of information. Generally the secondary source of the information is been gathered from the different types of the data sources such as the articles, journals as well as the websites which are already been reviewed and published by the previous scholars(Sasha Hurrell, 2004). 3.10 The sample size considered It is already been discussed that the quantitative research method and the qualitative research methods are been used to complete this research process in a reliable manner. The individual participants who are included in the research is been discussed above. The London Olympic Committee is included along with the two to three retail sellers in London and even the inbound and the outbound tourists are even included in the process. The maximum sample size is 14 and there is the non-zero probability to interview or question the participants in order to get the essential information for the research process. 3.11 Methodology used in the research process This research study collected the significant, essential and logical references which are happening in the Olympics. Generally based on these references the basics and fundamentals are been compared and differentiated to the Olympics, especially concentrating on London 2012 Olympics. This methodology will provide the list of strengths as well as limitations of the process of hosting the Olympics. ...read more.


This study concludes that by taking the different reasons into consideration the London city will definitely be benefited by hosting the Olympic Games in different ways. Th major and significant benefit is that the financial standard will be improved for London in the next five years. The retailers and the different types of the dealers will be benefited with more number of profits and even the media will be benefited because it is the major source to watch the Olympic Games and finally the different types of the industries related to the tourism and hospitality industry will be benefited more. Finally the conclusion form the above research is that the mistakes and disadvantages of the previous Olympic Games hosted by other countries may help London to become the greatest city in the world as well as it may give beneficial growth to the London Tourism. 5.2 Future Work After completing this research the views and ideas provided is that if the Olympics Committee learns the mistakes from the previous Olympic host countries and rectifies them then the London can be successful in hosting the honour games such as Olympics. The London Olympics should attract more number of people so that the individuals should show more interest even to visit the London city before and after Olympic Games which will improve and develop the London tourism industry. 5.3 Limitations By making use of the quantitative and the qualitative research method this research work is been fulfilled and this research has provided the detailed information on the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games. The information which is provided in this research has covered all the important aspects related to the London 2012 Olympic Games and I think this research doesn't provide the total available information on the Olympic Games and if i get any chance in future i will try to conduct a research on Olympic Games and will try to gather and analyze more information which is not completed now. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Case Studies and Analysis section.

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