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The National Trust.. Explain how a non profit organisation seeks to gain competitive advantage to meet its aims.

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´╗┐Nour Fascella Unit 2 ? The Business of Travel and Tourism Task 4 P6 ? Explain how a non profit organisation seeks to gain competitive advantage to meet its aims. Introduction From a non profit making company my task is to select one that meets their aims in a competitive manner. My chosen company will be The National Trust. Voluntary Sector The National Trust is an organisation which its sole aim is to ?The National Trust is a charity and is completely independent of Government. ...read more.


Gaining competitive advantage When a business is superior to one of its competitors in the department of profits, sales or brand image it will earn its status of having a competitive advantage. This is usually done by lowering costs or by creating a product/service that is unique that a customer will appreciate, enticing them to follow the organisation. The National Trust can make sure to gain a competitive advantage by the following: Competitive advantage - Added Value ? As The National Trust isn?t a profit making organisation the only thing that is ...read more.


Training and Development of Staff ? The National Trust will need to employ people who will provide skills that are essential for the style of work being performed. Failing do to so, will result more money being spent, which leads to more time being trained and decrease in efficiency of the good cause they provide. Advertising, Sales techniques and Pricing ? A large part of a business strategy is relied on advertising to increase awareness and sales. However, effective advertisement through donations on TV and internet are the ways were National Trust use to gain a competitive edge, against other competitors. ...read more.

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