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The News Shopper.

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Specification The Organisation The News Shopper, based at Petts Wood was launched in 1965 by a famous Fleet Street editor, Sir David English, who was formally the editor of the Daily Express. During it's early life the News Shopper was also owned by Rupert Murdoch, currently owner of News International, owners of Sky brodcasting and also the Times and the Sun newspapers. Now owned by Newsquest Media Group Ltd, the News Shopper is a free newspaper of 340,000 copies each week delivered to households in the boroughs of Bromley, Bexley, Lewisham, Greenwich, Dartford and Gravesham. It has won many awards in the last five years, from Newsquest regional awards to national awards and even industry awards from organisations such as the Newspaper Society and a special award in Kent for its Sports pages. It also is host to an award winning website - www.newsshopper.co.uk and has its own digital news producer as well as a team of 30 journalists. The remainder of the newspaper group is made up of some 80 people in the advertising department and 20 in the production department. The IT team, which is based at the regional office in Cheam is comprised of 5 engineers and a manager, with three of the engineers sharing a rota system at Petts Wood, with one of them, Andy Miles, being the Systems Administrator with prime responsibility for the centre. The three main departments, editorial, advertising and production each have a department manager. These managers report to the Publisher who has overall responsibility for the running and ultimate production of the newspaper. However, the publication also has a Reader Holiday department associated with the business and it is this department that requires an improved database. The News Shopper is connected to the remainder of the South London region by a Wide Area Network (WAN). The Reader Holiday team is a stand-alone department based in the Classified department at Petts Wood and linked to the WAN. ...read more.


This will allow travellers to be associated with the travel company and retain information on all trips offered. This will enable a report set up and printed, the reports will show the booking made for specific destinations. In addition the user will be to maintain contact with the customer, via the company's Help Desk Track IT, whilst having all the details available on the screen. Company Policy dictates that all members of staff are issued with passwords consisting of eight characters that are changed every 48 days. This prevents anyone from gaining access to data that they are not authorised to see. The password software currently in use is Active Directory Windows 2000. Information on the database may need to be edited, for example a customer moves house and their address changes but still want to receive information on forthcoming holidays. Whilst some editing changes are not of a confidential nature it will be necessary to enforce restrictions on editing personal and financial information. To rectify a potential breach of confidentially or the deletion of data, accidentally or intentionally, there will have to be a way of verifying users. This will ensure that they can only gain access to data, which they are permitted to see, for example Read-Only, Read/Write or No Access. Therefore an "Access Directory" will specify each users access level, the Systems Administrator can only change this directory. The database at present holds a vast amount of data, all this is kept in a filing cabinets which makes searching for data very laborious and time consuming. The new database will enable the user to create queries along the standard queries that I shall include in the database with the use of Wizard, this will speed up the process. The queries will allow the user to search the database for specific data, and create basic reports. In the new database all queries and reports will have control placed on it and will allow for alignment sizing and formatting. ...read more.


Ease of access to the information The information stored could be far more easily and flexibly used than if it was stored on paper. For example, a database could be searched to find all customers living in a particular area, to target them for "special offer" advertising. Searches of databases like this are much faster with computers and, in particular, information can be matched from one database to another far more than if it is stored on paper. The Database section has more on searching. Communications networks Storing information about people on computers which are linked to communications networks like the Internet or private company networks has also become important. This allows databases to be used across an organisation and be shared between organisations very quickly. Misuse of information With more and more organisations using computers to store and process personal information, there was a danger the information could be misused or could get into the wrong hands. Concerns A number of concerns arose about how this information could be used:- Could it be easily copied? Could it be changed with little evidence being left? Who could see this information? How accurate was the information? Was it be possible to build up detailed files on people without their knowledge or permission? The new system is able to make copies of the whole database. To make sure that no information from the database is lost or damaged back up procedures is carried out every night. The reason for this is to protect the data held on the database, which is crucial to both News Shopper and its travel and insurance companies. The backup cycle is carried out automatically each evening at 6pm; this process takes approximately 4-6 hours. This consists of copying all files to disk and then transferred to magnet tape. It is the Systems Administrators responsibility to ensure the rotation of tapes and keep back up documentation up to date. ...read more.

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