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The organisation I am going to investigate is the Kingsway Hall Hotel in Covent gardens in London. This hotel is an extremely luxurious hotel in the well-established, romantic area of Covent Gardens in London.

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Introduction The organisation I am going to investigate is the Kingsway Hall Hotel in Covent gardens in London. This hotel is an extremely luxurious hotel in the well-established, romantic area of Covent Gardens in London. This spacious 170 bed-roomed hotel is one of the only few remaining privately owned hotels in the area. A classical facade invites guests into a dramatic foyer with glass and warm-textured walls. "This luxury 170-bedroom, fully air conditioned property is situated in London's fashionable Covent Garden, adjacent to the New Connaught Rooms, close to the British Museum, Royal Courts of Justice, Oxford Street, Theatreland and with good access to the city." From the Kingsway Hall Hotel's website. The hotel's luxury accommodations are deliciously furnished to fulfil the needs of the highly respected needs of the wealthy guests. The rooms are of international quality welcoming the business and the leisure type. Meeting rooms and large gathering facilities are available at the grand hotel. The guests are provided with a fitness suite for relaxation and a healthy work out. The restaurant and bar has a tasteful mixture of classical decoration and dramatic colour. This 4-star hotel is a very highly respectable hotel but the only drawback would be the prices of the many different things. List of Activities using ICT 1) Booking system 2) Check-in 3) Key systems and lights 4) Yield Management 5) Guest History 6) Restaurant 7) Restaurant bill 8) Minibar 9) Building management 10) Video system (+TVs) 11) Telephone 12) Modem 13) Check-out 14) House-keeping and Maintenance 15) Toilets The Booking System The booking system is the most essential computer system for any hotel, big or small, expensive or cheap. ...read more.


The estimated value of saving for the hotel is two minutes per check-in or 3 hours per day. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE YIELD MANAGEMENT The majority of the hotel's costs are fixed costs. The council tax must be paid and the staff must be paid whether the hotel is full or not. The hotel must gain the highest amount of income as possible, so half price for a room is better than no money at all. The Rack rate is the normal price before any discounts are given but discounts ar4e given of the Rack rate to make the hotel fuller on quieter days. The hotel's problem is when to and when not to give a discount. For this reason only, the yield management meeting is held. The hotel has a target and for every meeting they need to have an over/under target chart. This is essential and would look like this. As the graph shows the hotel is over target on most days but on the weekends must offer some sort of deal e.g. Weekend Break Deals. If the manual system was used, then the manager of the hotel would spend approximately 5 minutes adding up the accounts for one day. If one day takes 5 minutes then the period of the whole week would take up a whole morning's work. With this vast amount of work it would not be practicable to hold a meeting more often than once per week. However, with the computer system, all the information is held in the booking system. An over/under target sheet like the one above would be set up and could be done in seconds. ...read more.


Each morning, the precise replacements are encumbered to the housekeepers' trolleys. If any stock is stolen, it becomes apparent almost immediately, and it is also obvious which trolley is involved. There is still some shrinkage, usually caused by guests taking stuff off an unattended trolley, but at about 1% it is minute compared to the old system. In the film of the hotel, the guest (Miss Kitto) criticised the mini-bar system. She had taken out some Pringles which she did not use and had put back next morning. She was irritated about being billed for something she had not used. She said "Who's in control here, the technology or the humans?" DETAILED DESCRPTION OF THE VIDEO ON DEMAND SYSTEM This hotel would cater mainly for business type people. They didn't have many social friendships and, so, would find going out alone boring. Thus the hotel decided to put in a video system. Films were sent, or broadcast, on eight channels throughout the room televisions. A timetable showed at what time the films were showing. During the evening, each channel would show � films all together, thus equalling to 24 films that night. The hotel charged �10 per film. Mechanical video players were used so maintenance was quite high, and complaints were received that the choice was very limited. Video on Demand (VoD) was provided by the new system. A server broadcast the films which the guest can watch at any time. The server holds a1lmost 200 films giving a much wider range of entertainment. Since putting in the system, revenue has increased threefold, to �400,000 per annum. ?? ?? ?? ?? Purposes for which ICT is used Mohammed Koya Page1 of 11 12/09.05 Centre No.3210-5 Candidate No. 4126 ...read more.

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