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The organisation that I have chosen to base this case study on is the Natwest bank. Natwest bank is used by many people for their banking needs. I will be focusing on a particular branch of Natwest in West-Wickham and the head office.

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Introduction The organisation that I have chosen to base this case study on is the Natwest bank. Natwest bank is used by many people for their banking needs. I will be focusing on a particular branch of Natwest in West-Wickham and the head office. A clear description with the aid of diagrams, of the following aspects of the organisation The main aims and main function of the organisation * The Natwest bank is a commercial business because the company wants to make money. * The Natwest bank provides a range of banking services available for people to use. There are many types of accounts available. The recent development of on-line and mobile banking has the advantage that people do not need to go to a bank. Information is found on leaflets. (See appendix 3 and 4). * With many businesses Natwest offers the opportunity to be able to support them. They can be new or have been running for some time. Businesses will usually have important data to be kept, e.g. - about Customers. In the event that data is lost or corrupted, Natwest offer a backing up utility for business data which is held on a Server. This information can be seen on the Natwest website. (See bibliography for web address). * With the development of e-commerce, it has enabled on-line share dealing to take place. Many shares are brought and sold every day using this method of communication, just by accessing the Internet. * Financial advice is offered at Natwest branches. This is takes place at a branch of Natwest, and a financial adviser and a client talk about the financial matter. * Natwest now offer access to the Internet. They are working together with Yahoo to provide this service to many people. The structure of the organisation For this section I am going to produce a hierarchy for a Branch of Natwest. ...read more.


So just from a persons computer banking can just be done there, without going all the way to a Natwest branch. * If more people choose to bank on-line, and it comes to a point where there are few customers arriving at branches, it gives Natwest a decision of whether it is necessary to keep this branch open. If a branch is having few customers Natwest can choose to close a branch, seeing as it is not convenient anymore with little customers who bank at the branch. Show clearly, using diagrams, how information essential to successful operation moves within the organisation and to and from outsiders The role of information Information is crucial for a business to have as it allows successful operations within the organisation to take place. It is passed within and outside the organisation. There are many different types of methods that allow information to flow. It is vital in decision making, because in order to make suitable decisions the correct information must be needed. Information within the organisation would be about itself, customers and suppliers, and the environment it is in. Information about the organisation could be about new banking services provided for customers like a new mortgage available. Requiring information about clients and suppliers could be used when records are kept on a database about the amount of money left in a customer's account. If there are many banks situated closely and are in competition and a particular bank has fewer customers, this bank needs to know why a particular bank has a greater number of customers. On the next page is a information flow chart showing how information flows in and out of the organisation, when applying for a loan. A flow diagram showing the flow of information when applying for a loan Information on loans is contained in leaflet in appendix 5. An explanation of the flow chart * A customer goes to a branch and requests a loan from the customer service officer at the reception desk. ...read more.


Output * After the records have been processed all together the output produced by a printer is payslips with the data from the transaction and master file put together. * Data, which is indicated on the payslips, can be the gross pay, deductions for tax, net pay. * There will also be the regular information on these payslips like the employee name telephone number, National Insurance number and tax code. Describing how the organisation might make use of a management information system to monitor or control activities, improve decision making and improve efficiency Natwest management information system The use of monitoring or controlling activities * The management information system displays which members of staff are working at which times, and where they are actually working. * It has data input in advance, which contains details of when members of staff should be working * Therefore it enables the data to be displayed. The use to improve decision making * When the manger views sales figures, a comparison takes place between the number of staff employed, and the actual sales figures. * If the sales figures drop below a certain number, the management information system will look at the staff numbers. * If the staff numbers seem to high in comparison to the sales figures, the management information system will suggest a suitable proposal. * The system will actually display the suggestion to have fewer staff employed for the branch because the current number is unnecessary. The use to improve efficiency * The Management information system records the sales that have been made every week from people buying products. * These monthly sales performances are compared to other Natwest branches in the country. * The sales figures are displayed in a grid, that is colour coded, to indicate the performance of a particular branch. * If a branch has a low value for this data, the manager may want to decide what to do to improve this problem, and try to gain more customers. END OF QUESTION Sachin Sharma AVCE ICT Unit 2- ICT Serving Organisations 30/04/07 Page 3 ...read more.

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