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The overall aim of this project is to increase productivity, i.e. (Sink Output) from 110 to 180 sinks per hour within the Leisure Consumer Products company.

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Planning & scheduling MAIN PROJECT THE INTRODUCTION OF ROBOT AUTOMATION TO THE PRESS SHOP AT: CONSUMER PRODUCTS Compiled by: Sean Watson CONTENTS PAGE Page No 1 Contents 2 Acknowledgements 3 Overall Aim & Terms of Reference 4 Executive Summary 5 Introduction & My Role 6 - 7 Project Justification 8 Methods of Investigation 9 - 16 Section One 17 - 19 Section Two 20 - 23 Section Three 24 Section Four 25 - 27 Section Five 29 Recommendations 28 Conclusions 30 Appendix One ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Mr I Moss Production Director Mr A Potts Press Shop Manager Mr J Allaway Toolroom & Maintenance Manager Mrs N Bufton Human Resources Manager Mr A Rogers Accounts Manager Mr A Niederstein Projects Manager ABB Spain Mr J Hartshorn Polishing Shop Manager Mr A Simpson Project Engineer Mr P Tideswell Quality Inspector Mr D Mayfield Toolroom Leader Overall aim The overall aim of this project is to increase productivity, i.e. (Sink Output) from 110 to 180 sinks per hour within the Leisure Consumer Products company. Terms of Reference To achieve the aim, this project is designed to cover the following areas: Sections 1. To identify an automation supplier that will satisfy Leisure's needs * Who are the suppliers * Expertise * Suitability 2. To identify all cost implications of an automated system. * Cost of equipment * Savings on manpower * Savings on product * Installation down times * Scrap savings 3. To compare the present manual output to that of an automated system * Number of operators * Outputs. * Rectification levels * Tooling implications * Interview with the production director 4. To compare the quality of manual output against that of an automated system. * Number of rectifications * General condition of product 5. To identify the impact on staff, if an automated system was introduced. * Opinions of workforce * Which manpower * Redundancy or redeployment * Training Requirements Executive Summary Leisure has historically played "catch up" with all of their leading competitors, and has always steered clear of any kind of automation due to cost. ...read more.


= �345.735 per year Automated system �9.85 hourly rate x 39 hr week = �384.15 per man x 2 men = �768.30 per shift, per week x 3 shifts = �2304.90 total per week x 50 working weeks = �115.245 per year Cost saving on labour alone is: �230.490 per year Savings on product With the obvious savings on manpower, this will impact heavily on the margin of the product, thus increasing profits. Leisure is already very competitive in the market place, but this large saving will push us considerably ahead of the opposition. With the increase in output of an automated cell, it will allow greater volumes to pass through this cell in shorter time scales and allow Leisure to expand its high volume product range. Installation down times Shown below is an estimated time for delivery from order placement to production. Item Complete by: Order acknowledgement Week 1 Design Week 4 Design Approval Week 5 Manufacture Week 14 Delivery Week 15 Installation and Commissioning Week 16 Final Acceptance Test Week 17 Standby Week 18 The last three weeks shown above in red, highlights a period that Leisure will need to have sufficient products in stock to cover the installation down time. This has been achieved before when presses have been retrofitted or serviced, by working weekends on the run up to the items of equipment being out of service. Unfortunately the cost of running the press shop all weekend for several weeks to build up stock, has to be absorbed into the general running costs. Scrap savings Shown overleaf in the next section is a table that displays an average hourly output from a four-week production period for the models in question. Shown on this chart is the average hourly scrap for manual production. Also stated are some of the reasons why this scrap occurs, this can be vastly reduced using an automated system because: There is no manual handling in the process from start to finish. ...read more.


Also reducing labour costs due to the reduction in manpower required to operate this system Modify some of Leisure's existing tooling to allow other high volume models of sink to be produced on this line, thus giving increased capacity and more flexibility. Ensure that all relevant operators for the automated cell, are sent on the ABB basic programming course at Milton Keynes should the automation go ahead. Consider similar automated cells in other areas of the business. Conclusions Unfortunately the old conventional methods of sink production are no longer profitable, and Leisure must be seen to be making steps forward with new technology. This however, may be at the expense of people's current jobs. But with redeployment and natural wastage this should be kept to a minimum. It is very clear from the findings of this report, that there are huge cost savings to be made from the introduction of an automated robot cell at Leisure Consumer products. Although the initial outlay of �257.500 is quite a considerable sum, it will re pay itself several times over in the forthcoming years through increased productivity, savings from just-in-time production and the reduction in labour cost. Having contacted all the leading robot manufacturers, it was very clear that ABB robot automation were the market leader in the press tending field and are therefore an obvious choice to take on this project. This investment would be seen in the market place as a very big step forward in sink production, and help to raise the companies profile even further, whilst also reducing the manufacturing costs and increasing the margins on some of our best selling products. The next step for Leisure would be to invite ABB Spain to the site and add more detail to the information that has already been collated between both parties. The marketing and sales department must be made aware of the possibility of increased production so as to maximise the benefits of the automated system. The shop floor must be kept fully informed as to the proposed restructure, and future investments that could be made in their areas. 10 1 ...read more.

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