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The principal legal and corporate issues relating to the use of IT and e-commerce in a particular business context and their implications.

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Report: The principal legal and corporate issues relating to the use of IT and e-commerce in a particular business context and their implications. Introduction to the report: The report is to find out the legal and corporate issues relating to the usage of IT, in doing this I have chosen an organisation, to relate to the business context of these issues. The organisation that I have chosen is Postoptics Ltd, Postoptics Ltd is one of the best selling markets for eye-care products and contact lenses. It holds 90% of the market share and is one of the successful businesses throughout the UK, attracting over 1,000 visitors each day. For Postoptics Ltd I will identify issues such as: * Security * Data protection * Copyright * Health and safety * Regulations on e-commercial activities * EU directives * Legislation on employment Security. Security is a vital issue in today's business factors, and for Postoptics to be more competitive they will have to introduce a website which has been released in the year '97 by the Yorkshire optician him self Trevor Rowley, whose high street shop specialises in contact lenses, has vastly expanded. This website has to be very detailed within information it gives about the company and its services making sure they are outlined very efficiently. ...read more.


Copyright. Like all companies Postoptics must make sure that their website and any other private information such as financial books must all be rights reserved. This helps the company be more secure in obtaining its data, and if any other hacker did get hold of the information, then therefore Postoptics can take the hacker to court in the law of copyright. Health and safety. Health and safety within any organisation is very important. For example the health and safety situation in the Postoptics company would be that they would have to make sure that all customers get good eye treatment and the right lenses. Also in relation to information technology and e-commerce on the company website there are solutions for eyes, which can be very helpful to customers and outsiders. This is another good way for the company to advertise and also build a good business letting customers know all the health and safety issues on eyes. Regulations on E-commercial activities. This section is very important to the company. Postoptics must make sure that before releasing the website, there must be regulations which contain a set of legal requirements for commercial web sites covering all aspects of usability and commercial communication. ...read more.


Legislation on employment. The company must make sure that everybody within the company has a right to a fair job and good treatment. All the employees should be treated the same, and trained the same, there should be no unfair justice. Postoptics has the effectiveness care of its employees, as it is aware of the businesses success and the initial hard work from its employees, either it be the product designers, or the options them selves. The employees working with Postoptics will feel securer known that they are covered equally to any other staff or member within the Postoptics Ltd Company. Summary. It is really important to have the following legal and corporate issues explained above; as this would keep Postoptics Company covered and secured from any threat to the company's information. If Postoptics is covered by all these rights referred to as above, it is then in their own right to sue any misuses who has miss handled the information from the company. For example if another company has copyrighted the information available in the Postoptics website, and it's the companies main interest to take the company into court in the name of law, this is only if Postoptics are covered in copyright act, which they are. Unit 15: ICT In Business By Vickremjit Gill 1 ...read more.

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