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The Product of Manchester AirportManchester Airport is a service company. Its products are mainly the facilities it provides e.g. the runways and terminal

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BUSINESS ACITIVITY The Product of Manchester Airport Manchester Airport is a service company. Its products are mainly the facilities it provides e.g. the runways and terminals and also the services it offers to its customers i.e. the airlines. The Airport Company acts as landlord and guardian of the whole site - providing the infrastructure and main facilities e.g. roads, drains, phones, runways and terminals. Its income comes from the charges and costs for using the facilities e.g. airlines pay for the runway, handling agents pay for ticket desks and shopkeepers pay rent. The Airport Company is also responsible for: 1 Marketing and promoting the Airport brand 2 Lobbying Government and other authorities 3 Environmental standards 4 Ensuring a safe and efficient Airport. Products for Airlines and Tour Operators Manchester Airport offers products and services directly to airlines and tour operators, and in other cases acts as landlord and regulator of services for the may private companies that make the Airport diverse. Runways Manchester Airport has two runways, each 3,050 meters in length. Runways need to be this length to enable aircraft of all sizes and weights to land and take off safely. They operate in segregated mode, which means one runway is used for take offs and the other for landings. Passenger Facilities In order to process passengers through the Airport, Manchester Airport plc provides facilities such as check-in desks, baggage handling systems and a number of high street retail outlets. ...read more.


Check-in staff 1 Exmanie tickets and passports; weigh and label luggage to be stowed in the aircraft hold. 2 Check hand baggage is within the allowed dimensions and weight. 3 Allocate seats and issue boarding cards with the details of each passenger's seat number. 4 Undertake initial security screening of passengers. Linked computer software allows airlines and handling agents to identify, share and check information about passengers and baggage. Work is currently being undertaken by Manchester Airport plc to enhance the facilites available to airlines and tour operators. The Airport charges a passenger load supplement for the use of check-in facilities. Baggage Handling Manchester Airport's baggage handling system is one of the most sophisticated in the world. There are three systems running concurrently. These are: 1 Baggage reconciliation 2 Baggage sortation IATA code reading 3 The hold baggage security screening system. �25 million has been allocated to upgrade operations over a number of years to ensure that the Airport has the facilities to handle the expected growth in passenger numbers. Fuelling of Aircraft the Airport has an underground fuelling network through which four companies fuel aircraft. All of the fuel is piped in directly from Stanlow Oil refinery, near Ellesmere Port. The Airport charges a fuel throughput charge for the use of its network. Fire Service As at any major airport the Fire service is an essential element pf support provided to airlines in emergency situations. ...read more.


Aviation Security Training Manchester Airport has a world wide reputation for excellence in developing security training programmes. Construction/New Development The Airport must approve any new developments, such as hotels, and a fee is negotiated for use of the land. Tour Centre Manchester Airport has a Tour Centre in Terminal 1. This is managed by The Aviation Society and has staff of trained guides who lead educational tours for groups of all ages, providing a structured and informative introduction of life at the Airport . Aviation Viewing Park Spectacular views can also be seen from the Aviation Viewing Park, which is managed by the Bollin Valley Rangers. Education The variety of activities and vibrant of the Airport helps stimulate exciting ideas fir educational projects. Over the years, the Airport's educational officer has worked with many of the 3,000 schools and a large number of collages in the immediate catchments area of greater Manchester and Cheshire, as well as others through out the north of England and Wales. NHS Walk-in Centre This is a one-stop drop in centre for travellers, other visitors to the Airport and the local community to ask immediate health related questions. Occupational health Unit The centre provides pre-employment medicals for staff working at the Airport and CAA medicals for air crew as well as providing confidential support and advice to employees. Petrol stations The Airport owns and manages two petrol stations on site, these are part of MAVL. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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