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The proposal focuses on The Brand Company's business prospects. The Brand is looking forward to expand its business by trading online through the Internet.

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SHEILA THIAM TECNOLODGY INNOVATION CENTRE OF MILLENNIUM POINT UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ENGLAND Due date: 17th May 2002 MSC ELECTRONIC COMMERCE THEME ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION ASSIGNMENT THE BRAND COMPANY BUSINESS PROPOSAL Proposed by Sheila Thiam Mei Chen Managing Director of TheBrand.Com Executive Summary The proposal focuses on The Brand Company's business prospects. The Brand is looking forward to expand its business by trading online through the Internet. Consider a new business model for The Brand and show how expansion of the business is conducted. It focuses on the necessary change of the business model. Consider the analysis of The Brand's threats and opportunities. The Brand would transform 'bricks-and- mortar' to 'click-and-mortar' types of business. Therefore, the company had realized the benefits of incorporating e-business to the business. Consider new systems required for the new business model. A detail cost and benefit analysis of the new systems will be conducted. The Brand considers of payment and transaction, security systems, running costs, maintenance costs, customer satisfaction and problem management. The most important is that The Brand considers future proofing to extend and accommodate new products and technologies. The Internet and related advances have made possible dramatically closer ties with your customers and suppliers. Extending existing business systems so that they can exchange secure business transactions electronically with customers and suppliers is an exciting movement in the information technology industry. Many companies are realizing huge savings by automating people-intensive business processes while at the same time increasing revenue and improving loyalty between their companies and their trading partners. TheBrand.com will focus on its buy side, sell side and explore the e-marketplace. Introduction The report highlights the major concern of The Brand Company for the implementation of web based B2B/ERP facility. There will be new strategies adopted by The Brand to achieve business aims and objectives. A good planning for the quality of all choices will be considered. The systems required are to be identified and to implement within the company. ...read more.


Customer Relationship management is an approach that recognises that customers are the core if the business and the company success depends on the effectiveness in managing the relationships with their customers. 5 steps to build a customer focused EC: a. Make it easy for customers to do business b. Focus on the end customer c. Redesign the customer-facing business processes from the end customer's point-of-view d. Wire the company for profit. Design a comprehensive, evolving EC architecture. e. Foster customer loyalty TheBrand.com has to take the following actions to achieve CRM: a. Deliver personalised services b. Targets the right customers c. Help the customers do their jobs d. Let customer help themselves e. Streamline business processes that impact the customer f. Own the customer's total experience g. Provide a total view of customer relationship. Siebel CRM The software enables TheBrand.com to manage, synchronize and coordinate sales, marketing, and customer service across all channels and points of customer contact, including the web, call centers, field sales, and reseller channels. This will resulted that TheBrand.com can increase customer satisfaction and maximize revenues by capitalizing on every moment of value in each customer interaction, anytime at any place. SRM Supplier relationship management (SRM) tools are focusing on private marketplaces, based on i2's supply chain collaboration product. The use of SRM is for managing TheBrand.com supplier base. SRM is about optimising the flow of materials and information among trading partners. The software is strictly a B2B application. An example of platform for SRM initiative is the private marketplace model to collaborate companies transparently with their suppliers, buyers and other business partners in real-time. Logility SCM Logility SCM is a supply chain management application that provides customer-facing views into customer distribution centers, suppliers, and transportation providers. It is an Internet-based to integrate into business-to-business collaborative commerce applications for value chain strategy, demand planning, inventory planning, replenishment planning, and demand chain modules. Logility SCM allow global views of customer order status, purchase order payment status, load tendering and freight payment.. ...read more.


More skilful human resources can be utilised efficiently. IBM is the recommended ASP service provider. Integration middleware Middleware is the software used for linking the front to the back office. It helps programs and databases that may be on different computers work together. More formally, middleware is "runtime system software that directly enables application-level interactions among programs in a distributed computing environment." Its most basic function is to enable communication between application programs or DBMSs within a single-application system or across multiple-application systems. Change Management Communication is the biggest step to implement change, staffs should know why TheBrand.com need to implement change. The company need to train their staff to learn new ways of doing their jobs. Therefore, culture change is to achieve this by changing people's mind and fear by looking change as a positive means. Why people resist change? 1. Loss of control by senior management 2. Lack of skills and knowledge 3. Afraid of failure 4. Fears of lost of power and position 5. Uncontrollable situations The Brand.com management should manage resistance of change by following procedure: Information to all staffs (from bottom to top levels) The management need to let everyone in the company know that change is important and to succeed in change has to bring all people together and work it out. Education and communication Training programmes should be provided to all employees. They need to learn new ways of working and experience on learning by themselves. E-learning can be adopted through the use of new business model. All staff can be trained on-line. Participation and involvement Collaboration can reduce opposition and encouraging commitment. It helps to reduce fear that individuals have on the impact of change. Every staff in the company should participate in the change programme. Conclusion In juxtaposition, it is important that TheBrand.com can transform from Internet presence to e-commerce presence, then looking at the benefits of e-business to implement the back-end systems. Lastly, TheBrand.com need to transform into B2B. In order to do that, TheBrand.com has to select the design the flexible systems and configuration that can accommodate future systems. ...read more.

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