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The purpose of system Analysis.

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SYSTEMS ANALYSIS INVESTIGATE SYSTEM ANALYSIS Element 5.1 Pcs 1 & 2 By Nicky Wilson GNVQ Advanced I.T Action Plan 6th March Received assignment to be completed and handed in by 26th March 1985 6th March - 10th March Look through notes and handed out literature, read up on the Books, Information Processing for BTEC, and Business Information Systems on the Purpose of System Analysis. Make relevant notes. 10th March - 14th March Gather relevant information from above books and looking through Small Business computer systems and BTEC in computing,. on the Main stages of System Analysis. Make notes on relevant Information. 14th March - 18th March Go to Tutor For a review to see how I am doing 19th March After outcome of review, Start to type up first draft, adding any other Information. 20th March Take work to tutor for a Second review on how I am doing. 21st March After outcome of review with tutor, take action accordingly. if anything is incorrect and rectify. Check work through before typing up final draft. 22nd March Type up Final draft 10th January Hand in final work. Nicky Wilson GNVQ Advanced I.T System Analysis Element 5.1 PC`s 1 and 2 I am at present employed as a junior System Analyst by Scarborough Computer Services. The company has been approached by Lee Gowans LTD a company of builders with a view to installing an Information system. ...read more.


Converting This the method of changing the data from one state to another for example you could convert a weight measurement say in grams and convert it into pounds and ounces. Manipulating Manipulating is the term used for using something that is beneficial for your purposes and needs, there are four methods of manipulation these are sorting, merging, joining and selecting, a short description of each is listed below. Sorting This is a way of arranging items in an order that is easy to use and understand. This could involve the sorting of your account numbers from small to big ascending size and large too small. Merging This is when you add two things together and make them one. In a your company you may want to join two things together as you might have some new stock come in and you wish to sort it altogether with the original stock. Joining This is similar to merging except it is not blended together as one, instead it is added to the end. Joining could be useful if you come to the end of a certain type of stock and want to order a new type but do not want to merge and confuse stock items. Selecting This could be to select various items of data for example This could be marking low stock levels on specific items so that they stand out. ...read more.


Conclusion The purpose of system Analysis, is the process of studying an existing system to determine how it works and how it meets the users needs. System Analysis identifies any problems with the present system, and try to meet the client needs. The analysts must make sure that improves decision making of the system is positive. The cost benefits must be identified, actions and processes must be defined. The most important aspect is whatever implications you make it must improve the system. The main stages of system analysis follows a pattern initially there is the problem statement this is once the need for a new system has been identified, an initial survey is undertaken to try and decide whether or not computerisation is justified. If so the feasibility study is the next process. a feasibility study should then provide enough information to either justify the implementation of a system or give alternatives for its operation. The next step is the Investigation, this is a far more thorough version of Information gathering than was done for the feasibility study. The main method of doing this will be with Interviews, Observation, Record review, Questioners with the users of the system. It then proceeds with the final analysis, this is a very important step because all the previous Information that has been collected must be organised and analysed. It is very important that the businesses present an potential problems are clearly identified and explained thoroughly. If they are not the computer system will only computerize the problems not solve them. ...read more.

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