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The purpose of the new system is to extend the current computerised room booking system, which at present does little than assist room number of the booking order and associated invoices.

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PROBLEM DEFINITION REPORT PURPOSE OF THE SYSTEM Richmond Upon Thames College provide a room booking service to staff and outside organisations to book rooms for meetings, student activities etc. Room booking is free for college staff and outside the college are charged at an hourly rate. The purpose of the new system is to extend the current computerised room booking system, which at present does little than assist room number of the booking order and associated invoices. The new system will ensure that staff can easily identify from the college timetable that who the room is allocated to, how big the room is and is the room is empty (free) or not. This will enable staff to respond quickly to telephone enquiries. They will also be able to process incoming room booking orders more quickly- so as to provide much increased customer satisfaction with the service, as well as reducing administration costs. At the same time it is expected that the system will be much better at providing electronic green room booking forms. SYSTEM SCOPE The new system will replace the existing system (which only records room number) so as to include all processing of a room booking order through to recording its room number, time and date. The new system will not allow users to see which rooms are available (empty), how big the room and who allocated to the rooms. ...read more.


However the room booking system is not easy to use, with very little ability to look up customers. Management cannot get reports or graphs which provide any useful analysis of room history and which room have been mostly used. The college timetable does not tell the how big a room is and who owns the room. College timetable are completed in September so The Estates Department does not know if there is any changes in the timetable. There isn't any password for the folders and the files to keep them secure. They have not got an electronic copy of the green room booking form. There is not any facilities to show room is booked that why sometimes room booked twice because they It is difficult to keep track of the number of room booked by members over four years. USER REQUIREMENTS The following are essential unless stated otherwise: * Allow who allocated the room * Allow how big is a room * Provide a password to files and folders * Allow look up which room is available * Allow entry of member and room details * Provide graphs to see which room have been mostly used * Allow electronic copy of green room booking form * Allow electronic room booking * Allow quick entry of orders from forms * Allow quick identification of customers from surname, first names- from first few letters only. ...read more.


3.Develop a solution using MS Access A tailor made solution could be written using MS Access, which would provide a standalone solution to the problem. Improvements need to be made to the communications procedures between departments to ensure that all data is captured correctly. This solution will potentially satisfy all the objectives within the allotted budget. No new software or hardware will need to be purchased. A new system of ensuring that all relevant information is entered into the room booking system will also need to be put into place. Evaluation I have been asked to investigate and carry out some of basic analysis and design for Estates Department room booking system. My first task was group work to investigate of the room booking system. In my group were Hayley, Dayna and Sophia and we arranged some general questions about the business for the interview. We had interview with Richard Smith- Estates Officer. Interview went well and almost all the information we get from him. But in interview Sophia didn't turn up. In my individual task I wrote a problem definition report for room booking system. My third task was to find alternative solution for the problem I identified in my report. The benefit will include the time saved in performing room booking. The time spent on updating green room booking form will no longer needed and from graphs user will know which room mostly used. 1 D:\Problem Definition Report.doc\Manmeet Kaur\1st Nov 2005 ...read more.

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