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The role of marketing and how valuable it is for a successful business.

Extracts from this document...


Unit 1: Creating a Marketing Proposal AO1 Introduction to the Unit In this First Unit of my AS Course I will be looking at the role of marketing and how valuable it is for a successful business. Unit 1 will be based on marketing and I will show evidence of successful marketing. Unit 1 will require me to look at various stages in the marketing process; however I will be looking at a medium-to-large sized business. It will require me to produce a good marketing proposal to try an attempt a successful launch of a new product in the market. In this Unit the product I will be looking at will be 'Luxury Ice Creams'. The Proposal will take the form of an oral presentation, where-by group members will be talking about their particular field in the proposal. The Presentation will also feature visual aids, such as Pictures, Videos and PowerPoint Presentations, through out which the Product will be shown with great explanation. The Presentation will then lead to the final evaluation to where either the Proposal was successful or not to the market, however the Product will be carefully researched and detailed evidence of the market research will be shown. The Market Proposal will be based on a new Luxury Ice Cream that will be put on the Market to compete with leading business e.g. successful brands. The Business that I will be looking at will be Beechdean Dairies, and I will talk about their business. I will be researching on some of Beechdean's Products, which include luxury Ice creams and looking at group discussions I will come with an Ice Cream similar to Beechdean's but in a different flavour/packaging or size. The research on Beechdean dairies will give me some basic Idea of the business, and what make the business 'tick'. The business is a medium sized company based in heart of the Chiltern Hills in UK. ...read more.


The maintenance team could be people from another company that will come to do any technical repairs on any expensive machinery. Quality Assurance: This is another point businesses look at; Beechdean's produces some of the most luxurious ice creams and for them to keep that standard going they need to test every few samples to make sure customer get the right Ice Cream, the test will check upon the flavour and content of the ice cream. If any batch fails to 'pass' the quality assurance test they will recheck it or discard it. All these functional areas in a business are required to run a business each of them link with each other in all aspects. Here are two examples of the main interlinks between each functional areas of a Business. Marketing Mix of Beechdean's The Marketing Mix for Beechdean's explores how Beechdean's compares and competes with other Ice cream brands. Beechdean's is a medium sized business with great products, compared with other products, prices and promotion to other businesses and competes with some of the great brands. Product Luxury Ice Creams. Beechdean's has special Ice cream ingredients they use to produce creamy flavours. Beechdean's speciality is that they use fresh Jersey Milk; from fresh cows this gives the ice creams a thick and rich flavour. Some of the flavours by Beechdean's is very unique; such as Blackcurrant Cheesecake, Cinnamon and Honey & Ginger. The Packaging shows a deal of effort to increase sales; the packaging is colourful and shows pictures in great colours to make the Ice Cream more luxurious. Beechdean's usually uses plastic tubs for 110ml, 500ml as their packaging, the Ice cream cones come in paper back coating with the Beechdean Bob range. Beechdean's USP (Unique Selling Product) is that they use Fresh Jersey milk from herd cows to make the best ice cream available, this is a special ingredient that is not used by many popular brands of luxury ice creams. ...read more.


to pay for a tub of Ice Cream, if its too much customers will be put off, if its too little people won't find it luxurious as well as less profit for the business. Our next question on the questionnaire was 'How much would you be prepared to pay for a 500ml Tub of Ice cream? ' Around �1.99 22 Around �2.99 19 Around �3.99 6 Total was out of 47 As from the previous page we can see that the majority of the people are willing to pay �1.99 for a 500ml tub of luxury Ice Cream, by all means this is very less - less profitable for our company - but if the price is around �1.99 to �2.99 consumers will be happy. Not much people are willing to pay �3.99 for 500ml tub of ice cream. So at a price somewhere between �1.99 - �2.99 would be fair, that would mean more than three quarters of the people would be happy to pay between �1.99 to �2.99. Analysis of Question 6 Now we need to find a suitable packaging material, which should be friendly within the environment as well as it efficient for us. The question asked, When Purchasing ice cream what type of packaging would you prefer? 3 Alternatives Plastic container 19 Recyclable 17 Carton 11 Total 47 Analysis of Question 7 This question will tell us what consumers consider as an important factor If a new ice cream is introduced in the market. This is what the results show: As we can see that most people went for 'New Flavours' as an important factor, this tells us that customers want something totally new in the market. The chart shows how many people preferred new flavour as a important factor. People even go for better ingredients and price - it all goes together as people want something new in the market, with good ingredients and they are willing to pay a reasonable amount If the flavour and ingredients are good. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Marketing & Research section.

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