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The role of marketing at Billabong and Oroton

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Billabong and Oroton The role of marketing at Billabong is to attract new customers and build the new brand or awareness. Oroton uses the forms of market segmentation of demographic and psychographic. The marketing mix is an essential part of Orotons marketing strategies. Both businesses implement the marketing mix. Oroton group target market is a group of customer who are brand conscious. Whereas, billabongs TM is young consumers who like an active lifestyle and enjoy sports. They also target older consumers through "element". Product: Both Businesses offer a wide range of products. * Billabongs extend beyond the clothing products. These include: backpacks, sunglasses and wetsuits. This has increased the market share, as there is a distribution of products within the market place, consumers also like choice. * Intangible features of Billabong include the surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding image. ...read more.


But, they both use intangible features to do this. _____________________________________________________________________ Price: * Uses competitive pricing. Consequently the business has a similar price to its competitors such as roxy. This results in a competitive market share and customer loyalty. * Billabong does not implement revenue raising strategies such as market skimming. Therefore, they can focus on one strategy. Orton uses three pricing strategies: Competition based pricing: This is implemented, so Oroton can gain a competitive advantage within the marketplace. Prestige Pricing: consumers pay a higher price as the product is regarded as prestigious Price point: Oroton sells different goods at various price ranges. * O is able to meet the different demands in the market place, as fashion is a broad marketplace. Comparing and Contrasting: Both businesses have implemented the competitive pricing. However, Orton has impended a prestigious pricing to covey to their older demographic, whereas, B has a younger demographic. ...read more.


* Below the line promotion includes: fashion week. This connects to consumers, who live vicariously through fashion. Comparing and Contrasting: Both businesses have implemented promotional activities which suit the demographic. However, O uses above and below the line advertising whereas Billabong mostly uses above the line. _____________________________________________________________________ Place: * They chose to have a selective channel in which their products are distributed through stores and retailers. This allows customers to comprehend the importance of billabong. * Billabong has also established their retail stores, this allows customer to increase the awareness of their products and buying more of Billabongs products. Place: The business uses a selective distribution strategy given the prestige and image of the products. This strategy allows consumers to realise the products quality. For example: Morrissey is only sold in Myer dep stores. Comparing and Contrasting: O and B both use the selective channel of distribution however, B distributes their products through their own stores, whereas O distributes their products through its affiliates such as RL. ...read more.

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