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The senior management of IMF Int'l has decided to upgrade its current infrastructure and to leverage on current business to business eCommerce technologies.

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ASSIGNMENT COVER PAGE Your assessment will not be accepted unless all fields below are completed Subject Code: TMAN7006 Subject Name: TMAN7006 - Project Management of the Innovation Process Location where you study: Singapore (SIM) Title of Assignment: Project Option 1 - Individual Family name: Ng First name/s: George, Wai Mun Your UQ Student Number: S4002252 Your Email Address: Just4jcgeorge@yahoo.co.uk Lecturer's name in full: Andrew Griffith Assignment due date: 10th February 2003 If late, was an extension granted by your lecturer? NA Number of pages including this one: pages Table of Contents Page Executive Summary 3 Project Description 3 Scope 3 Project Schedule 4 Requirement Analysis 4 Promotion & Marketing Business Unit (P&M) 4 Retail Business Unit (RBU) 4 Warehouse (WBU) 4 Head Office & Corporate Services Department (HO) 5 Mainframe Location 5 Office Hardware & Communications Links 5 Desired Outcomes 6 Feasibility Analysis 6 Proposed Infrastructure Analysis 6 For Clients 6 For Security 7 For Network 7 For Servers 7 For Infrastructure 8 Summary of Proposed New Infrastructure Analysis 9 Cost Justification 9 Information Management 10 Quality Management 10 Evaluation of proposals 11 Selection of Tenderers 11 Proposal Evaluation 11 Indication of vendor status for software 12 Functional / Performance Evaluation 12 Human Resource Issues 12 Project Risks 13 IMF Int'l Corporate Culture 14 Recommendations and conclusion 15 Appendix A - Proposed Infrastructure Design 16 Appendix B - Head Office Network Diagram 17 Appendix C - RBU Office cum Disaster Recovery Site Network Diagram 18 Appendix D - Estimated Operating Cost for Current Infrastructure 19 Estimated Operating Cost for Proposed Infrastructure 19 Promotion and Marketing Department Costing 19 Retail Business Unit 20 Warehouse Business Unit 20 Head Office & Corporate Services Department 21 Data Center Costing 21 Total Costs to Upgrade Infrastructure 22 Appendix E - Functional/Performance Evaluation of Short-listed Proposals 23 Appendix F - Product Score Sheets for Tenderers 24 Appendix G - Strengths/Weaknesses Evaluation 26 Appendix H - Scoring of features 27 References 28 Executive Summary IMF is a privately owned ...read more.


Cost Justification The estimated implementation cost is S$1,459,295 while the estimated operating expense is S$263,080. Contrasted with the current annual infrastructure maintenance costs of S$10,030,000, the amount to implement the proposed infrastructure is a mere 20%. See "Total Cost Component" and "Estimated Operating Costs for Current Infrastructure". The bulk of annual expenses are comprised of the mainframe maintenance3. The proposed infrastructure reduces the annual cost incurred for maintenance. Saving the company S$8 million every year. Savings from manpower reductions is another factor, as the online website will provide potential customers with the information needed. Customers can make bookings directly to an upgraded CRS. Warehouse Business Unit, which has 70 employees working 24X7 to answer queries and make bookings. With the proposed infrastructure, only 15-30 employees are needed. Hence we can expect the annual expenses to reduce significantly, with profits maintained or increasing - resulting in an increase in revenue. For the dollar savings outlined above, the benefits of infrastructure upgrading are very attractive. The economic benefits shown are understandably estimated but it is clear that there is much inefficiency in the present system, IMF's increasingly competitive business environment and diverse business structure requires new capabilities. There is evidence that the current situation is worsening as high volume and complexities of day-to-day operations are stretching the capability of the current system. This requires a new infrastructure to tackle increasing competition and provide more reliability. The tools that came from the current legacy system were far too difficult for average end user to use without any technical assistance. This is a great need to introduce user-friendly query and reporting tools to improve productivity. As the legacy information system segregated the company's operational data and data retrieval activities from the production databases it makes data analysis and forecast difficult, directly affecting IMF's ability to create new businesses. Past surveys indicates that the upgrading of the infrastructure and migration to a business to business eCommerce platform, while requiring strong commitment from management and dedicated resources to achieve a ...read more.


driven Multi-dimension data Level and quality of local support Internet Ready Score 3 3 3 2 4 2 2 3 2 3 4 4 2 1 2 Calculated Weighting Factor 511 511 511 159 119 315 187 119 151 511 124 195 117 297 95 Weighted Scores 1533 1533 1533 318 476 630 374 357 302 1533 496 780 234 297 190 Overall Score 10586 Product Score sheet for AKNAF Software Inc Critical Success Factors Quality of Data Captured Accessibility of Data Report Writing Enterprise Portal Drilldown Scalability Workflow & procedures Content Management Resource Allocation and Scheduling Data centralization Ease of Customization Policy rules driven Multi-dimension data Level and quality of local support Internet Ready Score 3 4 3 2 4 2 2 3 2 3 4 4 2 4 2 Calculated Weighting Factor 511 511 511 159 119 315 187 119 151 511 124 195 117 297 95 Weighted Scores 1533 2044 1533 318 476 630 374 357 302 1533 496 780 234 1188 190 Overall Score 11988 Appendix G - Strengths/Weaknesses Evaluation VENDOR: MegaLink Systems PRODUCT: Business Objects Strengths: A total e-business solution, with source code thrown in as well. Weaknesses: Extensive support locally, as well as Europe, US and their accounts servicing team show great enthusiasm. Customization is affordable CONCLUSION: It meets the criteria being the least expensive and most comprehensive in terms of flexibility in modules relevant to the logistics industry. VENDOR: CodeQuest Limited PRODUCT: Codeworks Strengths: A proprietary eCommerce platform technology environment Real-time information collection and presentation Weaknesses: Support is limited to local only; they are expanding into the same regions as IMF Int'l. CONCLUSION: Suitable due to comprehensive business to business freight forwarding modules. VENDOR: AKNAF Software Inc PRODUCT: Advantage Strengths: Good to be used in Microsoft environment. 1. Customisation Accounting and modules 2. Simple 3. Real-time information collection and presentation Weaknesses: Support is available in areas where IMF Int'l are 1. Proprietary customization 2. Lacking in finance modules CONCLUSION: Meets criteria, suitable due to comprehensive logistics modules. ...read more.

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