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The Service in Technology Supported Environment

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The Service in Technology Supported Environment Introduction The appearance of new Information Technology (IT) has created an environment of abundant consumer choice, in this environment organizations seek to improve the customer service to increase customer loyalty. Thus, it is necessary for organizations to understand their customers' current behaviour, preferences, and future needs. Many organizations believe that in this environment one of the fundamental means for creating competitive advantage is to deploy information technology that supports and fosters one-to-one relationships with customers (Shoemaker, M. E., 2001). Internet and electronic commerce technologies help companies to build a strong asset in customer orientation, which brings benefits for customers in the form of improved service, convenience and choice (Timmers, P. 2000). Today, the importance of customer service has been recognised by more companies. How to utilise the new IT to improve the quality of service has become a new popular topic in academic field. The objective of this assignment is to argue the customer service in information technology environment. It is divided into four aspects. Firstly, to introduce the importance of service. Secondly, to argue new technology involved into customer service. Thirdly, to display the implication of the service change for customer. Fourthly, to discuss suppliers should consider some factors when developing their service strategy. The Importance of Service In general, 'service' means 'the act of doing things for other people'. Customer service can be defined as 'all those activities provided by the seller which have value for the buyer thus increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging patronage and loyalty between the parties'(Baker, M. ...read more.


Customers can send messages at their convenience, unburdened by business hours and time zones. After sending a message, customers can do their business when waiting for a response, instead of spending an unpredictable amount of time navigating a telephone system or idly waiting while on hold. Finally, customers can store e-mail for easy reference; they don't have to rely on memory or hastily written notes of what a telephone agent said (Rosenthal, M. 2002). * Personalisation service The new IT also enables customers to receive personalised services, be better informed, and obtain more timely information. The Internet allows customers to personalise the flow of information, based on their own priorities (Rosenthal, M. 2002). It will be easy to understand by using the example of communication between the company and customers. Traditional push communications are one-to-many which means from one company to many customers. The company provides the same service to different customer groups. New media of Internet, which potentially is a one-to-one communication rather than the one-to-many communication, establish dialogues with individual customers. Using this new media, companies can afford to tailor and target their service to different customers through providing different site content or e-mail for different audiences through mass customisation which means the personalised service can be delivered according to customer preferences (Chaffey, D. & Mayer, R. 2003). Figure 1 illustrates the changing from the one-to-many to the one-to-one model. Many of companies turn to information technology because they think it can help to achieve good service in a cost-effective (Freedman, J. ...read more.


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