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The Soul Food Shack

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Terms of Reference I have now been assigned to work as a Specialist Business Advisor for Gordon Ramsey. I will need to use my specialist help to investigate into the business problems and how to solve them using my specialist technical business analysis and evaluation. Procedure In order to complete this assignment I will be watching The Soul Food Shack video in order to help me to know about the problems that Mama Cherri's Soul Food Shack is facing. I will be watching this video so that it shows what the problem are and what has to be done to solve them. Findings Mama Cherri's Soul Food Shack is an American Restaurant based in Brighton. Aim The Aim of the business Mama Cherri's Soul Food Shack is "To increase profit". Objectives The objectives of the Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack are:- * To increase the number of customers coming into the restaurant * To cut the amount of cost that is going out of the business * To increase the number of cost coming into the business The way the business can meet this objective "To increase the number of customers coming into the restaurant" the way the business can do this is by making sure that the food is fresh and present it better to customers that they will want to come back to the restaurant. Advertising is another way the business can help meet this objective. The way the restaurant can meet the objective "To cut the amount of cost that is going out of the business" is by trying to cut down on the amount of ready made food they buy out of the business. The business should try and make hand made food more in the restaurant with the ingredients rather than use more money to buy products. The way the business can meet the objectives to "To increase the number of cost coming into the business" the way the business can do this is by making sure there is a reasonable amount of employees working in the business. ...read more.


Different staffs have to work together so that they achieve a better result. For example when working in the kitchen the chef cannot work by himself he will need assistant from another staff to help him this is because they will need to work together so they can work faster and so that the food is made quickly so that customers are not kept waiting. By doing this relationship between staffs will improve and customers are satisfied which will mean that more people will be coming into the business if they are happy with the services provided. Sales The way that the sales can be increased at the business by management is by making sure that people are aware of the restaurant. What they will have to do for this advertise the business in an effective way so that people are attracted to the restaurant and would want to go to the business. At Mama Cherri what the staffs had to do together is try and come up with more method of advertising for the business. This is because the restaurant is not advertised much so it makes it harder for the people to be aware of it which means that they do not get many customers at the restaurant. However, they way management can be used to increase the sales is by advertising in places where people will actually notice about the restaurant. These places can be billboards, shops windows, newspaper. This is because the chances are that more people will stop by too looking at the promotional material and would be aware. By advertising in newspaper will mean that a lot of people will know about the restaurant as a lot of people read the local newspaper. Profit To increase profit by management what will need to be done is made sure that the business look for cheaper suppliers. This will mean that they will be able to charge their product for higher price and whatever money that is left over after the suppliers are paid then the business can keep that as profit. ...read more.


and when they food is prepared well and customers are happy then they will be coming back to the restaurant which will help the business to make money and successful. The restaurant has become successful after Gordon Ramsey came into the business and took in charge to show the staffs and the manager how to make a restaurant successful. This is because after Gordon Ramsey told Mama Cherri about how to be in professional terms with the staffs it has helped because they now respect her. Gordon Ramsey also changed the way the staffing structure was organised at the restaurant. By telling the manager to stay downstairs and greet the customers and allowing the staffs to work on their own and trust them on their own has helped because it has made the staffs at the restaurant to be motivated and trusted without having the manager in their face watching them how to work and what to do. This has helped because customers have got company downstairs and the staffs in the kitchen are happier without being told what to do constantly. This has helped the business because by making sure that staffs are happy they are working harder than ever. Another aspect of the restaurant that has been improved and been successful after Gordon Ramsey visit is they way the food is being prepared and presented. Gordon Ramsey taught the staff how to change the way the food has been presented and how it should be cooked. This has made a lot of difference because customers were enjoying the food and more customers were coming back to the business. This has helped increase profits because the food is now fresh and good quality and has a good taste for customers to eat. The management role by Gordon Ramsey advice to Mama Cherri has helped the business in a lot of ways because the business is now getting more customers coming to the restaurant and they are making more profit. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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