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The target is to set up and consider all measures involved with a new web site design company, which offers good quality services and products. A five-year plan for the business

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Business Start-Up 1. Terms Of Reference: In the assignment, the target is to set up and consider all measures involved with a new web site design company, which offers good quality services and products. A five-year plan for the business has to be organised as well. All finance issues should be considered to help decide where to start. 2. Procedure: For financial figures, HSBC offered help for people enquiring in starting a new business. They provided an information pack detailing many topics needed to be considered when starting a business. The Internet also offers some vital information to help with new businesses. 3. Findings 3.1. Finance: Initially, the business will be run from home as the only two employees at first live in the house. ...read more.


3.4. Staffing: To begin with there will only be two employees who are also the partnership in ownership in the business. There will be no dress code, as the business does not work directly with its customers. Wages will be based upon the business income so long as there are just the two employees. If there were extra employees, who had no share of the business, a fixed wage would have to be organised. 3.5. Marketing: The house, as it is near many other businesses and customers will have adverts and signs around it to obviously show what the business is about. The businesses will also advertise in local papers and also send letters to local companies offering the web design service. The company may also have to offer a market research service themselves to show to customers how effective web advertising and selling could be for them. ...read more.


5th Year: Start to regain capital spent on new store. 3.7. Business Image The business should hopefully show a professional look. Adverts will be reposted after a few customers have left feedback to show the general public opinion of the service. Also, examples of some of the websites already created by the company will be posted. 4. Conclusion: The business should be able survive without financial backing from an outer source but HSBC is always on hand if the situation changes. The business can expand to wider areas with a good image and with the online adverts. 5. Recommendations: As the premises are already owned in a good location, it would be ideal to buy affordable but appropriate hardware and software for the business to start. Any unexpected loans needed should be from a bank offering a reliable service with good repayment rates like HSBC. 6. Signature........................... Date........................... 7. ...read more.

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