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The two businesses that I have chosen for my investigation are Shell Ltd and Prestige Limousines, I will be comparing the differences between a partnership and a franchise company. I am also going to discuss what liabilities the companies

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Unit 2 Business Studies P1 In my assignment I am going to research two contracting businesses and what different types of ownership there are within the companies. The two businesses that I have chosen for my investigation are Shell Ltd and Prestige Limousines, I will be comparing the differences between a partnership and a franchise company. I am also going to discuss what liabilities the companies have and how that particular type of ownership is suited to the business. The Shell Ltd company branch (garage) that I am investigating is a franchise company, this is based in the city centre near five ways roundabout on bath row road and which is a worldwide company. It is a retail business, which provides the service of fuel and shop products. It provides customers with three different types of fuel which are, diesel, unleaded and optimax. These are different types of fuels service provided by Shell. Also Shell provides products and other motor vehicles services such as quality engine oils, screen-wash which is used to clean the front windscreen glass on the vehicle and etc. Shell has up to approximately 1,000 branches through-out the UK and 40,000 branches worldwide. A franchise company is owned by shareholders and run by directors. A franchise company is different from a sole trader and partnership in that it has legal identity separate from its owners. The shareholders are not liable for the company debts, they regulated by the Acts 1985 and 1987. Businesses such as Shell are run by a franchisee who has been given permission to operate the business by a franchisor, the organisation which owns and controls the product and services being sold. The franchisee gets the benefit of the franchisor's expertise in marketing and operations. The franchisor at Shell will often supply fuel and stock for sale, provide shop displays and give help and advice to the franchisee, which operates in a particular branch of Shell. ...read more.


Of course for any type of business a location will be convenient for their customers, employees and suppliers. Some businesses rely on passing trade, they would like to be in an area where enough people are likely to want their products and whether or not the business location is attractive. As well as any business thinking about the best location for customers they will also need to look at if the location is easy for their employees and suppliers. Good public transport links make it easier for employees who don't live within a walking distance. Businesses also should look at their competitors trying to avoid them as much as possible. For Prestige Limousines, location has never had an affect on its business because Prestige Limousines are not particularly based in one location for customers to approach because it depends on the amount of advertisement done for it is well established through out its areas or cities. Prestige Limousines depends on the advertisement such as online booking, on shops windows display, etc. They will receive calls or emails from their customers and then if customers would like to make further arrangements, the Prestige Limousines has its based location in a particular area and then customers go to the located place which is in Sparkbrook on Golden Hillock Road. Prestige Limousines is the only local company around its area that have limousines. Its location is based on a very busy road and is more likely to grab customers attention. Prestige Limousines is based in a location where there are other businesses such as window factory is based next door to and a few others businesses which are also located at that particular forecourt. Why it was located there because it would attract a lot of on going traffic and it would be an easy location for customers to come to. Also it has good parking facilities so customers do not need to worry about finding a car parking place and its located place itself is in a large surface area were it allows them to view the limousines. ...read more.


The internal stakeholders are the manager and the employees. The manager wants to run his business and make his profit, the employees want to help the customers by working and earning their money. Other stakeholders are the customers and the suppliers. Internal stakeholders include ordinary employees and managers of the business. Shareholders, customers and other groups or individuals having close ties with a business are called stakeholders. These are very important to a business, so the managers do their best to ensure that they are satisfied with the action of the business. At Shell all employees whether part time or full time are important stakeholders for businesses. Because they are closely involved with the business, they are likely to have a strong influence on how it runs. Employee's expectation is likely to include: * A clean and safe working environment * Job security * Competitive pay rates and benefits such as discounts on company products * Interesting and rewarding work * Opportunities for promotion and a career structure At Prestige Limousines all managers as well as the directors of a company are stakeholders. Managers will have a bigger say then junior employees in how a business is run. Manager's expectations from the business will be similar to those of employees, but will also include: * Developing a local or national reputation as a successful manager * Working in a business that is growing * Having a greater role in decision making All these stakeholders are important to the business. The manager is there to see if everything is going well and sorts out the bills, the products etc also providing good customer service. Supplier to supply the goods or services and provided to their customers. Both businesses respond to the stakeholders needs, depends on the successfulness of the business. If the business is successful the managers will make money, the customers will come and buy or eat what the business is selling. There will be workers applying to help out and earn their money. ?? ?? ?? ?? GNVQ Business Studies- Unit 2- What Your Business? Adeel Akhtar ...read more.

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