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The unit I am doing for this assignment is business at work; I will produce a detailed formal report on Eastjet.com.

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1) Action Plan 2) Introduction 3) Task 1.1 and 1.2 4) Task 2.1 5) Task 2.2 6) Task 3.1 and 3.2 7) Task 3.1 and 3.2 (Cont) 8) Task 4.1 9) Task 4.2 10) Task 5.1 11) Task 5.2 12) Task 5.3 13) Task 5.3 (Cont) 14) Task 6.1 15) Task 6.2 16) Task 6.3 (Cont) 17) Task 7.1 and 7.2 Action Plan Date Tasks Resources Problems Encountered Results Target Date Complete 01/10/02 Action Plan Assignment brief Making the template Done the table for the action plan 1/10/02 1/10/02 02/10/02 Research on company mission statement Internet Mission statement found 3/10/02 3/10/02 03/10/02 Research on company overview and annual report Internet website for WHSmith's Searching for 2001 annual report Researching for annual report 2001 found 5/10/02 5/10/02 14/10/02 Contact company for an interview Company contact numbers and e-mail address Company were not replying to e-mails I had to send to e-mails out to company to get my reply 16/10/02 22/10/02 22/10/02 Question interview an employee of the company Questions prepared for the interview The interview helped me to do my assignment 11/11/02 11/11/02 12/12/02 Research on quality control Text books and website for company 14/12/02 14/12/02 14/12/02 How ICT has affected WHSmith's Website 16/12/02 17/12/02 07/01/03 Present 1st draft to teacher 1st draft assignment 07/01/03 13/01/03 Check assignment Assignment copy 15/01/03 15/01/03 The unit I am doing for this assignment is business at work; I will produce a detailed formal report on a large business. I have chosen a very familiar company, before I chose a business to write a report on I did some research about the company through the website because it would help me with research when analysing the company. The first task I will draw up an action plan so it will help me complete my report on an agreed time scale. In task two I will describe the business objectives and mission statement of the business and explain why they have chosen particular objectives and rejected the others. ...read more.


Culture WHSmith'ss culture is that all members have a defined job or role to carry out. This can help the success of the business because each person has to focus on the job and this makes it much easier for the staff to work to the best of their ability. This also means that the manager gets best from his staff. The bureaucracy became increasingly common in the nineteenth century in government departments such as the civil service, as well as in such organisations as the army and, in some ways, the church. In this type of culture what people do at different levels is determined by the job description and defined communication procedures. In this culture the job description is just as important as the person who fills it, and performance over and above the role is not required. Position is the main source of power, and rules and procedures are the main source of influence. 4.2 Management style In WHSmith's the managers use the autocratic management style. The autocratic management style is one where the manager is used to giving instructions- telling people what to do rather than asking them for their options. The manager is the only person contribution to the decision making process. This style of management is more typical of UK management in the 1970's and 1980's, although you do find it today. I interviewed a member of staff in WHSmith's and I asked them some relevant questions to do with my assignment. Some of the questions I asked were: 1) Where does WHSmith's stock trade and under what ticker? A: WHSmith's is traded on the London Stock exchange under the ticker EZJ. 2) I am interested in your financial reports, company information, and anything relating to your marketing strategy. What can you send me? A: As a paperless company office, we do not produce information packs. All available information can be found on our website (www.easyjet.com). ...read more.


7.2 WHSmith's owes its existence to the development of 'open skies' in Europe. Before 1987 European air travel was effectively carved up by the national flag- carriers which considered the air own permanent fiefdoms. Under the old regime flying schedules fares and even the amount of passengers that each national airline negotiated between governments in hugely uncompetitive 'bilateral' agreements. Competition from other airlines was almost unheard of. Having looked at the research I have done on WHSmith's, WHSmith's has won many tributes and awards voted by consumers. The airlines was named Winner of Best Value category. WHSmith's also excelled in a consumer association survey, being the only low-cost airline to be ranked in the first division of a customer satisfaction table in a holiday. Because WHSmith's sells one way fares, you can go and come back whenever you like this makes the customers feel happy and will enjoy their holiday knowing that they can come back earlier if they are not enjoying the holiday or maybe even stay longer because they are having a good time. WHSmith's offers flexibility on all fares, unlike many other airlines. For an administrative fee of just �10 (16EUR) per leg of journey, plus any difference in fare, you can change your flight. Booking with WHSmith's flights is fast, convenient, and secure. You can easily purchase your seat online. 7.3 Having done all my research I found out that WHSmith's is a well developed company and has been growing within the past year due to the September 11th attacks WHSmith's is doing much better in their sales when compared to British airways. Because passengers don't feel safe going aboard far they go to safer European countries. WHSmith's culture is to make sure that the employees provide all the facilities needed for the passengers and making sure that the passengers are very satisfied when having to go on WHSmith's. ...read more.

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