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The use of database management can be used to support the implementation of the customer charter in many ways.First database management can help organise any team

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POWER BIKES Memo To: Managing Director From: Asad Iqbal Date: May 4, 2007 Re: Database Management The use of database management can be used to support the implementation of the customer charter in many ways. First database management can help organise any team and any size. And any workers The database management system has a wide range of functions to help sales management: * It validates the data. * It accepts user-written programs for enhancing the system. ...read more.


* We will give you clear and accurate information. Database management not only provides an easy reference to information in the files, but also can aid in locating files and specific information. Power bikes will easily be able to provide information and record information by using database management. In addition, database management will help Power Bikes in various ways. * Flexibility: The same information can be presented in a variety of ways: forms, reports, charts. ...read more.


Entering certain information can lead other information to be automatically filled out; cutting down on the time, it takes to input data. * Integration: Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and emails can be generated using information from the database, and mail merge features of Word can merge database information into an existing Word document. * Delegation: Automation and organization reduce the steps and knowledge needed to complete tasks and business processes, making it easier to train employees to perform functions that previously seemed too complicated to delegate ...read more.

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