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There are many different requirements for reviewing support services including different systems such as diary, telephone and electronic communication systems

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐There are many different requirements for reviewing support services including different systems such as diary, telephone and electronic communication systems and also includes storage and archiving and methods of communication. Support roles can make use of diary systems. Diary systems can be paper based and also electronically based. The paper based diary is used widely used by support roles to organise themselves. They can write down quick diary entries and can see what appointments you have for the day. Paper based diaries are easy to carry around which means it is useful in meetings. Electronic diaries are the most used diary system in the business for instance, Outlook. It is quick and easy to make entries and can give you remainders when a meeting or deadline is coming up in which a paper based diary cannot do. The use of electronic diaries also means that invitations to meetings can be sent by email and can track who can and cannot attend that specific meeting. ...read more.


Electronic communication systems are very important in support roles. In many businesses they will make use of different electronic communication systems as it is easy and convenient. The most used communication systems is through email. The biggest benefit of e-mail, with the ability to contact a specified group of people at the same time if required. This should improve internal and external communications. In addition, they may make use of Lync which is a communication program. It allows you to send instant messages to people in the same company as you and also set up teleconferencing and meetings which are all effective ways to communicate. They will also make use of office equipment. They will need to make use of computers in order to complete their work and send emails to work colleges. They will also use printers and photocopiers, this is important if handouts need to be given or print outs need to be made. ...read more.


Then there is external communication which happens with people outside the company. Communication can be done in many ways. This may be done by letters, for example customer service may send customers letters providing information. Emails are an effective way of communication because they can instantly reach several people at a time over long distances. In addition, meetings are a means of communication. In meetings, information about the company and project the team may be working on will be said and people can ask questions and provide their own ideas through the meeting. Support roles can also make use of verbal written and visual communication. Verbal communication is when employees will speak face to face or through teleconferencing and written communication can be through emails, letters and instant messages. And lastly, visual communication can be through photographs, video clips and PowerPoints. In conclusion, there are many key stages of the review process that support roles must make use of to be successful. Unit 33 P4 ...read more.

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