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This assignment is about ICT in society. It will show how ICT has impacted my local community in such places as local Schools, businesses, and government services.

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Unit 3.4 ICT in Society This assignment is about ICT in society. It will show how ICT has impacted my local community in such places as local Schools, businesses, and government services. I live in Great Steeping, which is approximately 2 miles from civilisation and the nearest shop. This shop will not be included in my assignment as the most technological this shop gets is that it has a bell above the door to show when someone enters. As I do not have access to many services where I live I have to branch out further to Spilsby, which is approximately 4 miles away. Spilsby is not a particularly large or technologically advanced town so I may have to extend my area to Boston, which is 20 miles from where I live. I will set this assignment out beginning with a table showing the different services and how they use ICT. Service ICT in use Police service Database off all known offenders Walky Talkies Fingerprint scanner Speed trap cameras Call Connect bus service GPS for busses Mobile Phones Electrically closing doors on bus Central Phone centre Spilsby surgery Database of records of patients Online contact information Database of drugs Great ...read more.


A GPS is a navigation device, which uses satellites positioned in the Earths atmosphere to triangulate a fixed position on Earths surface. A most up to date GPS now can use up to 21 satellites in the atmosphere to find a position, but more commonly an 8 satellite GPS is used. In this particular case the GPS is used to determine the position of the busses, it also helps them navigate through unknown places. The job of a GPS receiver is to locate four or more satellites (there are 27 in orbit, 24 working and 3 spares), work out the distance to each satellite and use this information to figure out its location. This is based on a simple mathematical principal called TRILATERATION. Once the receiver has made this calculation to make it more user friendly it converts the raw data into map forms stored in its memory. The disadvantage with a GPS is that some people may not be aware of how to uses them; although once they have been used a few times the operations become second nature. * Mobile Telephones Mobile telephones, or mobiles are telephones that can be taken anywhere. ...read more.


This is because with the general public in mind this was introduced as many residents around the hall complained about the high volume of functions going on inside. This means that the residents and the hall proprietors can live in peace with one another Somerfields Supermarket * EPOS stock control This works in an identical way to the drug database for Spilsby Surgery, just input the stock and amounts and it will tell you when the stock is getting low. It also has the same time consuming disadvantages. * Automatic Doors Automatic doors open as soon as you stand near them, there are different systems, and for example some work on pressure mats, some on motion detecting sensors. The ones in Somerfields works on a proximity device, which measures how far away you are before opening the doors. This makes it easier for disabled or elderly shoppers to get in and out of the shop. The disadvantage that comes with this is that the doors have to be set back, not to close to the street because people walking past will set the doors off opening and closing, this wastes electricity which in turn is bad for the company (costs more money in electric bills) and bad for the environment (more energy needs to be produced). ...read more.

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