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This Assignment is based on a small family owned business, called TriComms, which mainly deals with a small consumer market, however it operates in a large region.

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Introduction This Assignment is based on a small family owned business, called TriComms, which mainly deals with a small consumer market, however it operates in a large region. This company concentrates on providing high-speed wireless Internet to the end-users. This company is based in High Wycombe, a small town in London (map); the company may have chosen this location, as it is a densely populated area, where there may be demand for this service. This company provides wireless Internet for a locality of people and mainly focuses its market on large clusters of people, to maximize its business. Providing this facility would require large zone, in which the customers would be targeted. I will be studying the factors involved in this business: Location: This company has chosen to set itself relatively close to its customers, so that if any technical problems that may occur could be dealt with immediately. The company does not have any working staff, however it manages its business over a controlled network, in which it can be aware of any problems. ...read more.


This company is and an example of a sole trader, that owns and runs the business. As it is a newly set-up business there is no need for a large ownership, Being a sole trader allows the person to be working for himself, this independence allow the owner to have good motivation, and benefit the business well. Nature: This company concentrates on providing high-speed wireless Internet to the end-users Basically this company provides wireless Internet to a community of people, targeting an area where this service may be in demand. As this is a latest form of technology there is little awareness of this service. However it provides computing repairing as an additional service. Providing wireless Internet requires a high-speed broadband connection that is shared amongst a network, this allows the connection to be distributing to the customers. Size: The size of this business is fairly small, it does not have any working employers, as it is maintained and ran by a single person. After speaking to the owner of this business, I was assured that this is a small business, as it was controlled using an internet-based network on a single computer. ...read more.


see that not many customers when connected into the network, however after seeing recent data I was able to confirm a increase in the customers connected to the network. In such little time a fairly small business, has made such a widespread makes future possibilities promising. Evaluation After reporting about TriComms in this assignment I was able to see various factors involved in setting up a small business and the numerous factors involved with the actual business. I think the factors that this company had taken in account whilst setting up this business, where fairly reasonable and appropriate. Targeting a community of people makes it resourceful for the company as they have their services operating in a particular area, also in some cases guarantees a reasonable market. As this is business is owned by a sole trader the owner receives all the profits made, which is a major advantage, as this business requires no workforce, or extra expenditure. As this company only concentrated on a single service, providing wireless Internet, it is not tied to handling multiple services; this allows the business to be basic, yet totally successful. 1 ...read more.

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