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This assignment is to evaluate my role in the job Im currently doing and upto what extent its been helpful in my personal development. As I m currently working in fright forwarding industry

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Assignment of Work Base Learning (level four) Student Ref: BA in Criminology with Law (IIND Year). Total words - 1500 1. Introduction. This assignment is to evaluate my role in the job I'm currently doing and upto what extent its been helpful in my personal development. As I 'm currently working in fright forwarding industry (Shipping), I have chosen this job to finish my assignment of work base learning. It would be easier for me to choose this job to finish my educational assignment instead of going volunteering job somewhere else. This will also affect my attendance in current work place. 1.1 Company Profile- Reisa Freight Ltd. is a U.K. based company engaged in import and export activities. As a company we supply our services to buyers, exporters and importers for their international transportation needs. Reisa freight Ltd. acts as a middle man / agent working globally with agents in several countries. We handles export from shippers or manufacturers warehouse to buyer's warehouse not end users. 1.2 Job Profile- The main purpose of my role is to coordinate with customers, prepare relevant docs and coordination with back office or operations for smooth activity. This job role requires efficiency, accuracy and completion in given time frame. My job is also involved with coordination with airlines to ensure pre-booked space for upcoming cargo during the week. This avoids last minute problem. ...read more.


In my job profile I have been given chance to analyse each shipment from the beginning and act as necessary and accordingly. � Problem Solving- Due to the lack of decision making, it directly affects my problem solving skills. As a new employee I haven't been given chance to make decisions of my own which will be given to me after a specific time spent with in the company. Now because I cannot make decisions I will have to rely on my seniors to give me instructions in these types of situation which will lead to problem solving directly from decision makers at above post not me. 2.2 Skills scored highest with. � Planning- My job profile requires a pre-planned activity which is a base of service commitment to customers. First w learn in this business is to plan things and then execute. The planning doesn't give a hundred percent surety of desired results but it leads to a way to execute right thing and a right time. I personally feel that my job responsibilities made me well enough to deal with planning skill. It's adding something extra everyday to my skill. � Monitoring- Once the planning has been made and executed second step comes to monitor it on each and every step. ...read more.


4. Conclusion - There is Overall performance satisfaction within the organisation and as recognised by senior level. Seven months of tenure within the firm was spent just as a trainee. This helped me to gain a lot. But still there is a long way to go and far more to achieve what I thought before. There is lot more confidence required while taking the necessary decisions. An uncomfortable situation always leads to lose either big or small. Currently I'm working with the help of other experienced staff which also de motivates me to take my own initiative. But in nearer future I hope for responsibilities with an independent role. That will surely help me to gain improved skills and goals. For sometime I have had a loose idea of the goals I would like to achieve in the short to medium term. Now that I have set my self a deadline I'm confident and assured to achieve that. However I would like to improve my self confidence increase my motivation to achieve the most out of my work. I would like to eliminate the attitude that holds me back and cause hassles to it and finally unhappiness. I would like to increase my pride and satisfaction in my achievements advantages of goal settings. I would like to increase my self confidence from the current level and perform better in all areas of my works. 1 ...read more.

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