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This brief document is all about the possibilities of a public access points to the internet based in the library in Stone.

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This brief document is all about the possibilities of a public access points to the internet based in the library in Stone. Many libraries now have such points for general use by members of the public who visit the library. This facility allows people to use e-mail, www, and perhaps teleconferencing. A small fee can be charged for the use of the service but people are generally willing to pay for something that they may not get that home. The idea of libraries having such facilities is not new, many of the libraries locally already have a system such as this which are well used by the public who visit the library. ...read more.


The information points are limited to giving information rather than interacting with the user rather like Teletext on your television. There is no facility for Email or other forms of communication. This means that although providing vital information it may not allow access to the Internet via the information point and this can cause some problems if the information on the point is not relevant to one particular customer. The advantages to the community of such systems are based in the fact that that the information can be kept up to date and delivered electronically. There is no waste paper and no time wasted photocopying sheets to stick around the walls. The presentations can include animation and sound if needed unlike paper based systems. ...read more.


None of the information points in libraries at the moment have a printer (perhaps because of the fallible nature or the possibility of misuse) so users have to make handwritten notes on any information found. This could be seen as a limitation of this type of system. The librarians have a slightly more technical job than before as they have to update the information from time to time. This may be a negative impact of the information/access point because it may not be updated that often meaning that not all information may be relevant. The council who owns the information point make money from them by selling advertising space on the system. This means that the information point may have a positive impact of tourism on the economy as well as provide vital travel and tourist information to commuters and tourists. ...read more.

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