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This communication plan outlines a public relations campaign for the Babies, Kids and Youth (BKY) department of IKEA. Qualitative and quantitative research was conducted to determine that the key problem was insufficient sales within the BKY department.

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Strategic Communication Plan for IKEA 15 October 2009 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This communication plan outlines a public relations campaign for the Babies, Kids and Youth (BKY) department of IKEA. Qualitative and quantitative research was conducted to determine that the key problem was insufficient sales within the BKY department. Upon the determination of the problem, three key objectives were developed as the basis of the campaign. Strategies in relation to each of the objectives were then formulated. Following the development of the strategies, several tactics were created to ensure the effective execution of the campaign. Importantly, these tactics reflect the key characteristics of the IKEA brand including innovation, quirkiness and fairness. After consultation with IKEA management, three tactics including the Babies and Children Expo, in-store show bags and bounty bags have been approved and given a budget of $50,000.00. The remaining tactics await approval however have been created utilising predominately internal resources, existing materials and free publicity to minimise costs. When approved, these tactics will be implemented in stages depending on seasonal and external considerations. Quantitative research of the implemented tactics indicated that one of our key objectives has been achieved. As the tactics effectively target the relevant audiences, it is anticipated that the corresponding objectives will be met with similar success. RESEARCH Primary research To ascertain the key issues facing IKEA we conducted extensive qualitative and quantitative research. Preliminary research involved conducting interviews with IKEA Rhodes management. From this, we discovered IKEA was rebranding the children's department as the Babies, Kid and Youth (BKY) ...read more.


This tactic was inspired by the "please play me" initiative for the 2009 Sydney Festival in which pianos were randomly placed around the CBD. The campaign attracted significant media attention for the Sydney Festival. 3. Gift bags & media releases to journalists. This tactic will involve giving gift bags containing IKEA children's products, a pot plant and a media release to journalists. The media release will discuss the use of unsafe materials in children's products and the commitment of IKEA to source natural and safe materials. This tactic will provide IKEA with media exposure and will highlight the strong link between child safety and IKEA. Strategy # 2: Build affiliations with clinics, childcare centres, and before and after school care centres. 1. Pre-school/play-group/childcare/mother's group gardening competition. This tactic will involve local children group's participating in an annual gardening competition. IKEA will send invitations to participate to such groups within the local areas surrounding the Rhodes store. A $1000 IKEA voucher will be given to the winning group and a $50 voucher will be given to other participants for their efforts. This tactic will provide participating organisations with a healthy, outdoor activity for the children. This will help to build a positive working relationship between IKEA and the local children's groups. 2. Seminar by community nurse. This tactic will involve a child specialist from Joy and Pete consulting conducting their "A bucket full of ideas" as an in-store seminar for expecting or current parents. ...read more.


These tactics are simple and coincide with actions already taken by our target audiences. For example, many childcare centres make gardens as part of their curriculum. For new parents, our seminar provides one more source for information. From first-hand experience with before and after school cares, centre coordinators are constantly seeking activities to employ within their centres. Once our tactics are implemented, qualitative and quantitative research will be undertaken to confirm the fulfilment of our stated objective. This will be demonstrated in contrasting these answers with the prior results attained. Objective #3: To increase the children's department's sales as a percentage of IKEA's total sales at the Rhodes store from 4% to 7% in the next two sales quarters. This objective was to be achieved through the stall at the Babies and Children Expo, in-store gift bags, cross promotion, Bounty Bags and product placement on renovation television shows. We are able to determine that this objective has already been partially met through our presence at the Expo and through the distribution of in-store gift bags. To date, we have had a 70% return on the vouchers distributed within both tactics at the IKEA Rhodes store. From this, it has been projected that sales of the BKY department will increase to a minimum of 6.0% in the next quarter. It is expected that total sales will exceed our intended objective of 7% once our other tactics are approved. This is because each will align IKEA with other successful brands. Moreover, as the vouchers distributed have an expiry date of 12 months, it is likely we will see a greater return in the coming months. ...read more.

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