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This consists of copies of both the questionnaires that I produced and carried out as part of my primary research.

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This consists of copies of both the questionnaires that I produced and carried out as part of my primary research. Below is the introduction that I attached to the first questionnaire explaining to the residents what I was carrying out. The first questionnaire begins on the page overleaf. Copy of First Questionnaire Reena Shah 23 Heddon Court Avenue As part of my business studies coursework I am carrying out two questionnaires to find out what sort of business that does not currently exist, is likely to be successful on Cockfosters Road. In the first questionnaire (attached) I am hoping to find out what type of business you would like to add to Cockfosters Road. This questionnaire will then be collected and I will send you a second questionnaire that will be produced from the results of the first questionnaire. ...read more.


* Unemployed ( * Pensioner ( What shops / businesses do you regularly visit or are a regular customer of on Cockfosters Road? Newsagents ( Restaurants ( Cafes ( Hairdressers ( Butchers ( Greengrocers ( Pharmacies ( Clothes Shops ( Banks / Building Societies ( Other(please specify) (___________________ How often do you visit the shops / businesses on Cockfosters Road? Not very often ( Once a week ( 2- 4 times a week ( Everyday ( Are you satisfied with the shops / businesses on Cockfosters Road and the services they provide? Not really ( They are satisfactory ( They are reasonable ( Yes, definitely ( Is there anything you suggest needs improving or changing in the shops / businesses on Cockfosters Road? If so, what? (E.g. quality of goods / services provided / prices etc). ...read more.


Yes ( No ( If not, why? _____________________________________________ What do you think would make this business successful? (E.g. services - polite staff, prices, quality of goods etc). ________________________________________________________________ If this new business sold clothes, which of the following would be your preference? (Please tick one box in each category) Category A Category B Category C Just Menswear ( Posh /evening wear ( Expensive clothing ( Just Ladieswear ( Casual wear ( Reasonable priced ( Just Kidswear ( Sportswear ( Other ____________ For all ( A mixed variation ( Other _______________ Other ________________ In your opinion would 9 am till 6 p.m. be suitable opening hours? Yes ( No ( if not what do you suggest? ______________________________ Do you think this new business should have anything additional, if so what? No ( Yes (________________________________________________________ To accommodate this new business idea, which of the shops on Cockfosters Road would you consider replacing? (Please specify reason - if any) _____________________________________________________________________ - 10 - ...read more.

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