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This first unit of my coursework focuses on 'Business in Work' I have chosen Newcastle Building Society.

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Newcastle Building Society Patrick Conway This first unit of my coursework focuses on 'Business in Work' I have chosen Newcastle Building Society. This is a business that concentrates on mortgages, investments, insurance policies and funding for businesses. From this business I am to produce a detailed business report I will state the individual objectives of the business. I will also discover from my contact inside Newcastle Building society the organisational structure and the communication channels in which information is passed down. From this I will be able to interpret how these factors combine to the successful nature of a business. I also want to discover the quality assurance and control systems that are involved, how this helps the customer and influences the price of the product. From this I will give alternatives of means of quality assurance as will as my point of view on how well it is succeeding its objectives. One major part of this course is to also discover the impact of ICT this could involve internal communication i.e. e-mail or external i.e. the Internet. With this information I will supply a business report that will hopefully describe how a business in work functions and its aims and objectives. ...read more.


These help it specialise. With specialisation this helps certain areas be more expert in their sections. All businesses have certain areas that deal with * Finance * Human Resources * Production * Marketing * Administration * Research and development Inside my chosen business, Newcastle building society they have separate areas for all these and more for example they have subsections for mortgages, investments and funding. In more detail Newcastle's departments are: Finance: The finance department keeps order with the income and expenditure side of the business, i.e.. It can control the money and the functions around this. Finance itself is the practise of managing and manipulating money. The people within this department work with investors, regulators and auditors by providing the true and accurate information. These areas are key to deal with customers within Newcastle building society. As finance is their main product that the building society provides. Inside these areas and as overall services there are other areas for example there is an area to deal with customer service, human resources and product development. Due to my business being a building society the areas are also split into branches. Inside these branches areas are separated again and again. Into subsections this again backs up my claim on the organisational structure that it is quite a complex structure a bit like a matrix. ...read more.


This means that most employees are skilled in multiple areas and can be moved into different sections if there is more work to be taken up. This could be described as a matrix style as most employees although they are designated a certain area can and have worked in other areas. Within my business the culture is very friendly and helps the attitude and morale of the employees. This is achieved with ideas like flexible time this helps for example lone-parent families who struggle with children's needs etc. Also to help people who have to deal with family needs e.g. to look after old people, there is a program which helps the person work from home using their own PC. The use of ICT for internal and external communication Newcastle uses ICT in many ways though this was not always the case, Newcastle up to a few years ago struggled dealing with information by paper and was really struggling to process mortgage reports in any speed. This was all changed when Newcastle employed a company to update its system and it now has one of the best communications network in the business. Newcastle uses ICT to communicate between departments and from head office to branches. All post Newcastle receives is scanned onto the computer system, this also happens with Microsoft notepad. When on the system the information is readable by everyone with a link to the network. 1 ...read more.

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