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This investigation is being produced in response to request from HARROW MAGAGEMENT CONSULTANTS to present discuss and fully investigate 2 businesses in 2 different sectors, different size and in different industries.

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UNIT 1: INTRODUCTION TO BUSNISS M ALI BTEC NATIONAL BUSINESS UNIT 1: INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS INTRODUCTION This investigation is being produced in response to request from HARROW MAGAGEMENT CONSULTANTS to present discuss and fully investigate 2 businesses in 2 different sectors, different size and in different industries. The two businesses that I have chosen to investigate are: 1. Virgin Atlantic 2. Cadbury's BUSINES OBJECTIVES Having a focused objective gives you a clear idea of the direction you are heading in. it should also help to judge how successful you have been in meeting the business objectives. Business objectives include * Making profit (or surplus) * Increasing sales or market sales * Surviving * Providing service to community * Develop staff skills Virgin Atlantic Back in the early 80s Richard Branson was probably best know for Virgin Records - the legendary record label that signed major names like the Rolling Stones, Janet Jackson and The Human League. In 1984, much to the horror of his directors, Richard announced to the world that a high quality, value for money airline would begin operating within three months. Three months, Some licences, staff and an aircraft packed with celebrities later, Virgin Atlantic Airways was born. By the end of the decade we had flown over 1 million passengers and started shaking up services onboard by being the first airline to offer individual TVs to their business class passengers. In 1992 Richard sold Virgin Music to Thorn EMI and invested the proceeds into Virgin Atlantic, improving on an already great service. In the same year we launched the first super economy service that went on to become their award winning Premium Economy. Virgin spent most of the Nineties buying new planes, expanding their route network and generally breaking new ground in passenger service, both on the ground and in the air. In 1999 Richard sold a 49% stake in the company to Singapore Airlines valuing us at a minimum of �1.225bn. ...read more.


Threats: major competitors such as Nestle continue to expand and 'attack' Cadbury's brands; the legal and economic climate in which Cadbury's operates; health reports that highlight the danger of eating too much chocolate; a down turn in the economy reducing the amount spent on sweet. Before production takes place, a brief is done, to find out what to produce? Then it is backed up by primary and secondary research. Then Marketing department basically takes place, "what product should be produced, for what price, where to locate it, "place" and how to promote it. This will help Cadbury to achieve their objective to give satisfaction to customers through selling them a certain product for certain price, will also help them operate in a wide range of markets and Help Cadbury to be noticed through Promotion. Contribution to customers in order to achieve business purposes. Virgin is committed to provide value for your money. They make sure that once you have experienced their renowned and award winning customer service you will come back for more. To make the booking process simpler for you, they allow you (where applicable) to hold a telephone reservation made directly without payment for a minimum of 24 hours. In the instance where either you are required to pay immediately (for example Instant Purchase fares) or you want to pay immediately, Virgin Atlantic is happy to offer a full refund, without penalty if you choose to cancel within 24 hours. One of the main aims at Virgin Atlantic is to provide you with a seamless journey from booking to end. In order to do this, they try to provide you with as much information as possible about what to expect at each stage of your journey, and how you can help them to help you. And all flights Virgin Atlantic operates are non-smoking. Virgin Atlantic is committed to meeting the needs of all their customers with disabilities. ...read more.


Human resource department plans the manpower needs of the business, recruits not just the people who work but for their qualifications, talent and well motivated; it is also responsible for Health and safety, training of staff and making staff record. Cadbury would use human resources because it is a very big organisation. Human resources would help them meet their objective of developing staff skills. By giving staff subsidised training, staff for Cadbury will be able to improve their skill like gain a degree (mature student) Cadbury does this all and employees the right people for a smooth running of the organisation. Administration Cadbury does not really have a main administration department. Each department has its own administration. Each department is responsible for its inputs of information, processing information and out put of information; does its own filing, photocopying, correspondence, mail and telephone calls. Research and development The research and development department is the department that researches new products and develops the old products. To remain successful, business must constantly work to create new and better products and processes. Research-this involves carrying out investigation to come up with new idea, e.g. by carrying out brainstorming, examining competitors products or carrying out research in laboratory. Development- this involves turning the findings of the research into useful products or processes. If Cadbury had a mishap with a chocolate, the research and development department would try to correct the mishap. The research and development department must work closely with the marketing and production departments in particular this is because marketing and production are the beginning and end of producing a product. As you can see from the table above this is the life cycle of the product while being produced. > The input would be from the Marketing department. > The process would be from the production department > The output would be the product or waste Therefore because there is a mishap from the output, this has to be due to a fault in the input (The marketing department) or the process (the production department) ?? ?? ?? ?? M Ali INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 1 ...read more.

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