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This is an assignment where I am going to compare and investigate two different types of businesses. One of the businesses is a Sole Trader and the other is a Private limited company.

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Assignment Unit: 2 HOW BUSINESSES DEVELOP This is an assignment where I am going to compare and investigate two different types of businesses. One of the businesses is a Sole Trader and the other is a Private limited company. Types of ownership As we all know sole trader is a type of business owned by one person and it is the simplest form of business organization. The owner of the business has complete control of his business and makes his own decisions in running the business. Many sole traders work on their own, or with family members or even employ people to help them run their business. The business organization I am investigating, as a sole trader is Balti Raj, an Indian Takeaway that is owned by a single owner named Afzal. Afzal owns his business since 1996, when he opened his business in New Barnet. He employs a total of five people to help him run his business, out of which two work in the kitchen, two delivery men, a receptionist and the chef is Afzal himself. Balti Raj has unlimited liability which means that if the business is unsuccessful Afzal may have to sell his personal possessions and properties to pay any debts. He might also get bankrupt if he still has debts to pay after giving away all his personal possessions. A Private Limited Company is a company where the shares of the company cannot be bought and sold without the agreement of the owners. As a result it is possible to maintain close control over the way the business is run. ...read more.


look to see if a convenience food product is preservative, coloring or additive-free when consulting the label. Furthermore, 30% check the labels to assess the calorie content of convenience foods, while more than 20% look at the labels to see the number of additives. Older people are more likely to look for convenience foods that are "fresh" and "unprocessed". These findings support research by the FSA (Food Standards Agency), which monitors public sentiment on food and drink issues. The Agency found that consumers want more information about what's in foods. Consumer concerns are also becoming more sophisticated and identify a new determination to make diet choices that fit in with long-term health. Conventional wisdom saw time-pressed and cash-rich consumers focused almost exclusively on the concept of "convenience". However, the healthfulness of food is now clearly playing a bigger role in choice, and increasingly, convenience will also have to be synonymous with "good for me". Consistent with the above, consumers no longer see meals in simply a "solutions" context. A meal or snack on the move or around the kitchen table is increasingly about food and nutrition. With or without hectic schedules, failure to get the right sort of ingredients makes us sick. This is a growing trend and the food industry will need to recognise and respond to it. The result of this research and that by the FSA demonstrates how much more information today's consumers want about what's in the food they eat. They want full ingredient listings and they want to know how the food has been produced. In addition, they are increasingly concerned about animal welfare and food allergies as they relate to what they are eating. ...read more.


if an employee takes an emergency leave it would be very hard to coupe without him and there would not be anyone to replace his position to do his specified job. But in case of Waitrose all the expectations are possible as it is a huge firm which has got over 135 branches so if an employee takes an emergency leave, Waitrose would have plenty of more employees to replace that person. The government has a very positive interest in all businesses. Businesses create employment opportunities. They pay tax to the local council. People who are employed pay tax and don't claim benefits, which means the government gains revenue. The government is also aware that without any regulation some undesirable business activities may take place such as: o Consumer rights may be ignored o Dangerous products may be sold o People would be cheated on price o Some executives may defraud the company o Employees may be treated unfairly The government therefore has a significant influence on businesses, as it can make an activity illegal and therefore controls business operations effectively. The government not only tries to control business activities, but they also want to encourage businesses. To do this they introduce protective and supportive measures, such as to protecting smaller businesses by making it illegal for large businesses to collude and fix prices. Health & Safety legislation protects employees and also gives employers legal protection against dangerous and unsafe actions by workers. In conclusion, both Balti Raj and Waitrose are doing their best to provide their customers with the best possible service in a very satisfactory manner, which would lead to increasing profits for both the organisations. By Sultan Ahmed 1 ...read more.

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