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This part of the assignment aims to discuss what the business does and its goals, the sector, size and the scale of the business. Also I will discuss the aims and objectives, the main business activities of the organisation.

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TASK 2: Setting the scene (P1, M1) Introduction:- This part of the assignment aims to discuss what the business does and its goals, the sector, size and the scale of the business. Also I will discuss the aims and objectives, the main business activities of the organisation. I will begin with choosing the company and introducing the company background. I will then discuss its aims and objectives and then describe how its activities help achieve its goals. The business that I am going to introduce is Safecom. Safecom is a private limited company which means that the owners each own a share of the business. Safecom is a technology company which manufactures communication products such as IP Phones. The main office and factory is based in Taiwan but Safecom also have many other offices in China, Pakistan, London, Canada, and Arabia. Their products are of good quality, integrity and reliable. They provide quick delivery and unbeatable prices. Safecom is a leading producer of ADSL, ISDN Router, MP3/4 and many more. My line manager advises me to "set the scene" by giving an overview of my business organisation. In this task I should cover: a) ...read more.


each product is sold for �10 the business wants to make �30 at the end of this month by selling 3 products. * Measurable: easy to calculate so that the business is enabled to identify if the business is making a profit or a loss. E.g. if the business was making �3.2 billion last year then this year it should make a profit of �4 billion. * Achievable / agreed: the plan that the business plans out is it able to be fulfilled. E.g. business makes �2 billon this year then next year it should make higher profit. * Realistic: is the measurement that the business made is it understandable. E.g. the sales that the business has targeted should be in real figures. * Timed: a particular date or time that the business will be able to complete its particular task. E.g. the business has to sell 3 products in 1 month and make �30 as a profit. To achieve this time, money, training and equipment are needed. Aims of Safecom:- - to make a profit - expand worldwide - to be well known - provide good customer services - long term survival Objectives of Safecom:- - to produce/ manufacture more goods of high quality - to sell as much as possible - ...read more.


into the business. - Give customer support to help Safecom achieve their aim of providing good customer service. - Give technical support also helps Safecom to achieve its aim of providing good customer service and achieve their objectives of keeping up with their image and long term survival. - Online shopping helps Safecom to gain more customers which mean more profit. By making more profit Safecom can expand all over the world. - By giving customer support and technical support Safecom will be known of giving the best customer service so their customers will trust Safecom more and buy from them. On the other hand if you take a business such as NHS which deals with patients, their goal is to satisfy their patients and provide the best service, they belong to the tertiary sector as they provide a service such as checking what is wrong with the patients health. NHS is a large in size due to its number of employees and belongs from the public sector as it is owned by the government. The aim of NHS's is to provide a good service free or below cost. So NHS do not have an aim of making a profit so their activities are to provide the best service to their customers they are not interested in making a profit. ...read more.

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