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This report focuses on the promotional unit. This is the functional business unit of the Economic Development Department of Severnside District Council. Therefore this report has outlined the following:

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Severnside District Council INTRODUCTION This report focuses on the promotional unit. This is the functional business unit of the Economic Development Department of Severnside District Council. Therefore this report has outlined the following: > The decisions needed to be made by the unit > The information required and where it will come from. > The best approaches to suit the information requirements of the organisation (i.e. the information systems required). > The most appropriate method for developing the proposed system FINDINGS THE ROLE OF THE PROMOTIONAL UNIT The aim of the department is to ensure 'investment and prosperity in the region with high employment'. The unit's activities involve supporting leisure and tourism, local businesses and encourage new businesses to move to the district. By improving/introducing transport links, parking, facilities for residents and visitors, and marketing support for the district. It is the unit's responsibility to attract visitors and businesses to the district through public events and tourism. They have to also make the town of Thomasville an attractive place for higher education students. PROMOTIONAL UNIT - DEPARTMENT STRUCTURE DECISIONS MADE BY THE PROMOTIONAL UNIT The following decisions were put forward in order to promote the unit: 1. Transport links - it is important that the area has adequate transport links with other areas. This will include bus, rail, metro, coaches and taxi. It is vital that these are available to the people commuting to the area. They should be easily accessed, be part of a frequent service, reasonable prices and of a good quality. 2. Parking - if the area wants to attract visitors, in particular them who are travelling by car, they will require parking space. Therefore, it is important to have availability of parking, either free or at a reasonable price. This should also be available for the disabled, so that they have easy access to various places in the area. ...read more.


Also as mentioned above, the TPS will be used to record the information of activities taking place on the appropriate database. This will also be part of the centralised system (LAN). The decisions of high priority will also be dealt with first and so on. The projects will also require project-scheduling information. Budget This decision will also require TPS, DSS, KBS and MIS. It will also require another system, which is: Executive Information System (EIS) - this is a computer application that enables information about activities to be presented to those responsible for the activities. It serves the needs of top executives. It provides access to management reports. The budget can be used for this decision to show information on previous budgets etc. All information for this system will be shown on spreadsheets for analysis, as well as various databases to show historical performance and expected performance. The information will provide the unit with knowledge of how to spend the budget and see what the expected budget should be spent on. This decision will affect the other decisions made, as they will all depend on the finance available by the unit. Therefore, it is important that the decisions are prioritised so that decisions of high priority can be dealt with firstly. A centralised system will be required via LAN so that everyone in the unit is aware of the activities taking place and the information is available to everyone in the unit or whoever may require the information. Staff This decision will require TPS, DSS, MIS and KBS. All the staff information will be held on a database. Also any projects that will be taking place will be part of the project scheduling information and will involve the use of Gantt charts and networks. Overall After taking all the decision into account the 3 systems that were used by every decision were TPS, DSS and MIS. ...read more.


Decisions made by the unit 2. The information required 3. Sources of information After gathering all the appropriate information for each decision, information systems were required in order to store the necessary information. The information required by the promotional unit were: 1. Transaction Processing System - this will be used on a daily basis to record all transactions. 2. Decision Support System - this will help the user make decisions on external information. 3. Management Information System - this will present relevant information to them who will require the information. 4. Knowledge Based System - this will be used to organise and process information to get an understanding of learning and experiences. 5. Executive Information System - this is a computer application that enables information about activities to be presented to those responsible for the activities. So that everyone in the organisation has access to all necessary information a centralised system via LAN, will be used by the unit. This is because some projects may require information provided by another decision. All information that is used within the organisation will be either stored on a database or a spreadsheet. After taking the systems into account suitable methods and approaches are introduced for their development. These are: 1. SSADM - as it is a large resource of knowledge and expertise. 2. PRINCE - this offers the project structure. 3. Information Engineering - This is a set of techniques to organise data of an enterprise so that the end user can easily access it. 4. Object Orientated approach - involves the development of objects in terms of structure and message passing. 5. Checkland - is developed on areas of weakness and which require change. 6. Socio-technical Participation - involves the user participation in the process of analysis and design. 7. Rapid Application Development (RAD) - This system must be developed quickly so that so that user needs are met instantly, this will involve the management and the users in the development process. Overall, the above systems and methods are recommended to be used by the promotional unit, in order to run operations effectively. ...read more.

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