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This report is about how companies use different documents for different kind of uses.

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Introduction: This report is about how companies use different documents for different kind of uses. Three business cards and three letterheads will be used to demonstrate this. Three business cards are: * R.N.A. Heating and plumbing Services * Herbal King * Green House The three letterheads are from: * Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council * NHS Business cards: Description: R.N.A. Heating and plumbing: This business card takes half the size of my hand, which tells the customers about the company. It tells the customers the company name, fax number, telephone number, address, e-mail address and mobile number. It shows the customers two logos. The first logo is on the top left hand corner. The logo is coloured in the colour orange. The writing is in capital letters. It is coloured in the colour black. The writing says, "HEATING." The second logo is on the top right hand corner of the card. The logo has got a flower in the middle and the background colour of the logo is orange. It is surrounded around with a colour white. It says, inside the surrounded area "GAS INSTALLER REGISTERED." These words are in capital letters. It is coloured in the colour black. Underneath this logo it has written a number that says, "187421." The background has got a logo that is on the top left hand corner of the business card. Good Points: The good points about this document is that it has got the company's name, telephone number, fax number and the e-mail address are on the business card. If they didn't have these then the business card wouldn't have ran without the information on the business cards. It also has got some colour on it so it can stand out more and people will remember the company or the company product more easily. Therefore they are likely to use the company. Bad Points: The bad points are that it has got two logos on it. ...read more.


It tells the client why they have wrote and telling some personal information that the client needed to know. It tells the client the company name, telephone number, fax number and website address. This information is underneath the company name. It shows the client one logo. The logo is coloured in the colour black and white. The black colour has been blocked in a area. It is making the white colour stand out. The colour white is used in the company name. The company name is in capital letters. The clients name and address is on the top left hand side of the letter. Above the clients name and address it has got a number. The number is "54232." The background is a plain white colour. Good Points: The title of the letter is good because it standards out, so people can see it easily. The telephone number, fax number and website address are told by the company. If they got a problem or a compliant they can use these to talk to people. The company is open at long hours, so more people can come in at any time as they wish. It also explains why the letter is written. The company has got a logo for the company. They language used is easy to read and understand. Bad Points: The font of the writing is too small. It makes people come closer to make them see it. The letter has not been signed. It does not show how has written the letter. Recommendations for future: I would make the font size big so people can see it easily and they then won't need to come closer to make them see it. I would make the writer sign the letter. The letter needs to have the persons name on it so the other person knows how has written it. Dudley metropolitan borough Council: This company have used A4 paper for to write a letter to their client. ...read more.


NHS and Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council have got logo sponsors at the end of the letter. The three letters used colour. Business Cards: Comparison: I am now going to tell you about the three business cards and their differences and similarities. Differences: The Herbal King and R.N.A. Heating have got logos and the Green House hasn't got a logo at all on its business card. It has used a rose representing a letter. On the Green House business card they have used several symbols such as instead of using words i.e. a picture of a telephone and then the number. They have used a bird carrying a telephone to represent teleflorist. R.N.A. Heating is the easiest to read and the Green House and Herbal King is the hard to read because the font size is easier to read than the others. Similarities: On the three business card's the company's name is in capital letters. The companies have used the card to represent their business. The three companies have used colour make their customers be interested in coming to their shop. Herbal King and R.N.A. Heating have got logos on their cards. On the Green House company and R.N.A Heating company the companies address is in the middle of the business card. Conclusion: The company letters usually have a logo, address, telephone number, fax number and a website address on them. At the start of a letter the letter starts with a salutation i.e. Dear and with an appropriate ending i.e. yours sincerely. The contact name or title is given i.e. exemption officer, licensing officer etc. The business card shows all the information that a client needs to contact a business e.g. company name, address, telephone number, fax number, logo and website address. Recommendations for future: On the three business cards if they had laminated it or put plastic on to the card it would look better and stronger than the card. It would not get damaged so easily and worn out. If they put the information in different area it would look much better and easier to read. ...read more.

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