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This report is based on the set up of our Young Enterprise Company set up in order to provide its customers with unique mini sized canvas bags with stunning patterns

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Introduction This report is based on the set up of our Young Enterprise Company. The company is called Triple X the three X's stand for Xcellence Xtrovert and Xquisite. Triple X was set up in order to provide its customers with unique mini sized canvas bags with stunning patterns and details done in silkscreen. The aim and objectives of triple X are to design and produce silk-screened bags and sell them at a reasonable price in order to make a profit and cover costs. This report is a basic outline of our company, our aims and objectivities and company activities. It will include the roles each member of the company played in order to help it become a successful and profitable enterprise. The report will also include: * A project plan * A log of each activity the company undertook and how they went about doing it and what they needed, who helped etc. * How we came up with our project idea * How we trialled it * If the company was a success and, if it managed to meet its aims and objectives. * Whether it achieved its goals. Company Details 1. Name of enterprise: Triple X ( xXx ) Xcellence Xtrovert Xquisite. 2. Enterprise idea To purchase and design bags using silk-screening. 3. Key staff Anita, Baneeta, and Zeenat Who are the members of your enterprise group? Adeel, Aisha, Anita, Anna, Ayo, Baneeta, Barbara, Chandni, Daniel, Divan, Hanan, Jheanell, Mark, Meron, Mohsin, Siam, Toba, Vanisha and Zeenat. 4. Organisation How will you make decisions? Group discussions: Meetings will be arranged and all members of the group will be expected to attend, all matters of importance to the group will then be talked about, the group will then together come to an agreement or a decision about the topic in discussion. What are each person's responsibilities? Administration: Was in charge of keeping minutes during meetings and producing agendas for the following meetings and making sure all subjects that needed to be discussed were done and an appropriate amount of time was spent on relevant issues relating to the business and members. ...read more.


After deciding on our target group we needed to find a product, which would attract our target group and appeal to them in order for us to make a profit. We decided on the idea of selling bags, the bags would have unique and stylish patterns printed onto them to make them more eye catching by using a silk screening process. Where will you sell your product or service? The bags/products will be sold at all major school events, for example, parents evenings, school plays, etc. It will also be sold at upcoming YE trade fairs and other events at which we are eligible to sell at. How will you advertise your product or service? Our products were advertised using posters and leaflets and also by word of mouth. We also produced a display board containing information on our company such as; * When it was started. * Why it was started. * How it was started. * Who was in charge of what? * Our aims and objectives/goals. The display board also showed pictures of us working together, producing the bags and also held samples of some of the bags made; it also had diagrams of how we wanted the bags to look when we were at the planning stage. 8. Designing and Making. What are the main steps involved in making your product/providing your service? In the process of making our product we needed to make sure that we had everything needed to produce the bags. The art teacher helping us knew exactly when we wanted to make them. We also had to give her 24 hour notice in order for her to able to get everything ready in order for us to begin silk screening. All the screens needed to print the bags had to be treated before hand; we also had to make sure that all the colours we wanted to use were available. ...read more.


smoothly and according to plan, timetables had been drawn up to indicate us of when we needed to move ahead and start another part of our project. Task 3 Your project will need to be monitored to check if you are achieving objectives. You will need to include how your project was monitored. We monitored our project by trying to stick to the timetable which had been produced outlining when each stage of the project needed to begin and end. We held regular meetings and kept agendas to make sure we were on track and we knew exactly what was going on. Gantt charts: Gantt charts are useful tools for planning and scheduling projects. * Gantt charts allow you to assess how long a project should take. * Gantt charts lay out the order in which tasks need to be carried out. * Gantt charts help manage the dependencies between tasks. * Gantt charts determine the resources needed. Gantt charts are also useful tools when a project is under way. * Gantt charts monitor progress. You can immediately see what should have been achieved at a certain point in time. * Gantt charts allow you to see how improvements may bring the project back on course. Task 4 Identify the critical paths in your project. Show that you can make use of appropriate network techniques to monitor project development effectively. Task 5 We didn't have a contingency plan as we hadn't realised we needed one. But if we had decided to make one I think it would've been quite beneficial and helped us get things done quicker as there were quite a few unforeseen events which took place that could've been handled better if planned for. For example, when we decided to replace our managing director we hadn't realised or thought that we would've needed to. If we had planned and had chosen a deputy managing director then we wouldn't have needed to spend so much time finding replacement. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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