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This report is for a manager for Edge Music that will discuss about the solutions we can offer Edge Music to improve their website and what types of technologies that will do this.

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Group Assignment Item 2 for ICAITSP039A Introduction This report is for a manager for Edge Music that will discuss about the solutions we can offer Edge Music to improve their website and what types of technologies that will do this. This report will also answer the questions of what older technologies might be supporting Edge Music's e-commerce website and what problems might their customers be complaining about. It will also discuss about my ideas on what Edge music website should look like. Answers to the two questions in preparation for the meeting 1) What types of older technologies might be supporting Edge Music's e-commerce site? If Edge Music wants to be successful, it may need to use older technologies that require less money, time and dedication. Technologies such as Streaming Audio, HTML, Novell Networking and CGI, have been proven and are properly accepted amongst the e-commerce world. All have exceptional support, and those who are equipped to work with them know the inside and outside workings incredibly. Streaming Audio If Edge Music wants to have the "Edge", or even keep the standard in selling music online, they will need to provide samples of the track/album, so the user can see if they would like to purchase the full selection. ...read more.


The best technology to create a very safe transaction is a protocol called Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Secure Socket Layer is a technology that can encode sensitive information like credit card number that passes between the consumer and the e-commerce business (www.simplythebest.net/info/ssl.html]). Also the advantages of this technology are: - It creates a temporary, shared "key," which is a sort of digital codebook that lets only the computers on either end of a transmission scramble and unscramble information - Make on-line ordering a lot more secure to the consumers when they use their credit card than anywhere else Page 2 - The Secure Socket Layer is probably the best security for the customers when they are purchasing a product using their credit card. The strategies to take advantage of this technology are: - It is one of the safest security of transaction for e-commerce businesses - Hackers will have a lot of problems hacking into the security system - Customers won't need to sent cheques or money by mail, which can take a very long time for the company to receive the mail - Cost of SSL is charge around $US100 a month so it is well worth it. ...read more.


The business solutions company "Front Range Solutions" has developed a solution known as Heat, which allows the above system, and more, also providing a database for previously answered responses for technicians and tech support to reuse and analyze. Solutions like Heat speed up the usually long and drawn out process of sorting through customer email, plus improving response times and saving man hours for other more important tasks. Generally helpdesk technology for Edge Music is advanced and personalized. Rather then spending money on what might be a long distance phone call or an email which may take up to 2 weeks to answer, personalized services allow a quicker and easier way for customers to complete decisions to make purchases. Conclusion In conclusion, Edge Music future looks to be successful if these ideas and technologies are implemented into the website. It is important to know what the technologies can do to your website so it would impress the customers, and receiving profit from them is the most important part of becoming a successful e-commerce business. Referencing 1. Lise Pettigrew, 2000, 'Consider Multiple Payment Options,' Available: www.workz.com/content/90.asp [Access Date: 12/5/2001] 2. Simon Vandore, 2000, 'Newswire - Speech recognition,' Available: www.newswire.com.au/apcweb/news.nsf/HTML/Category/E13AAE8EBC5C4CECCA2569930020297D [Access Date: 10/5/2001] 3. Human Click: Available: http://www.humanclick.com/ [Access Date: 15/5/2001] 4. Front Range Solutions: Available: http://www.frontrange.com/ [Access Date: 15/5/2001] 5. 'SSL Secure Socket Layer,' Available: www.simplythebest.net/info/ssl.html [Access Date: 10/5/2001] Page 4 ...read more.

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