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This report is to share own customer-experience towards a service product Starbucks Coffee

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Assignment 2 Introduction This report is to share own customer-experience towards a service product – Starbucks Coffee. Ways that the particular company serviced as well as how they satisfied my needs and wants will be shared throughout this report. Needs and Wants Human being needs air, water, food, clothing and shelter to live. Other than these, human also have strong needs for recreation, education, and entertainment. (Kotler & Keller 2009, p.52) As a student of university, many assignments as well as group discussion have to be done. A place which have quiet ambience and wireless internet access is needed. While studying, I need food and drinks too. Therefore, school library may satisfy my needs. Normal café may reduce my thirst and hunger. Nevertheless, I want a more high-class café with speedy wireless internet service. Besides, I would love to have a cup of coffee and a piece of cake while studying. This shows that wants are shaped by our personality. Brief History of Starbucks Coffee Starbucks Coffee is an international coffeehouse chain company. It was established in1971. In earlier, it was a roaster and retailer of whole bean, ground coffee, tea and spices. The company started to expand it stores all around the world. Today, it has more than 17,000 stores in world. ...read more.


There are attitudes of others and unexpected situational factors. Attitudes of others such as friends and family members may affect my decision. For instance, my friends? positive attitude towards Starbucks Coffee increased my intention to visit there. On the other hand, if my friends have negative attitude towards my choice such as bad comments, it will decrease my intention to visit Starbucks Coffee. Consumer?s purchase decision is deeply influenced by perceived risk such as functional risk, physical risk, financial risk, social risk, psychological risk and time risk. (Kotler & Keller, 2009) 2.2.5 Postpurchase Behaviour In this stage, it is depends on the level of customer?s satisfaction. Satisfaction means the closeness between customer?s expectation and the service?s perceived performance. Once the service meets customer?s expectation, the customer is satisfied. I have a high satisfaction towards Starbucks Coffee. The ways that the staffs serve me and the ambience of the store met my expectation. In addition, the wireless internet service speed was much speedy than I expect. As long as my needs and wants are satisfied, Starbucks Coffee is my choice for visit in the future. Now, I am the loyal customer of Starbucks Coffee. 3.0 Nature and Characteristics of Chosen Service Company Starbucks Coffee is one of the service mix business which has the both characteristics of product and service business. ...read more.


I could be called the loyal customer of Starbucks Coffee. That was because the staffs really did well in their serving. Satisfaction towards their friendly attitude is very high in me. Process As a consumer of Starbucks Coffee, I am really affected by the manner in which staff serves me and the time consumed for waiting the staff process the production process. From the first time visit Starbucks Coffee, I have never met time consuming situation while waiting the staff produces my order. Physical evidence Based on one of the nature of service ? intangible, the customers who are potential are unable to enjoy a service before it is purchased. In this situation, it will increase the risk of the customers? purchase decision. To reduce the risk, the particular service company must provide tangible physical evidence. For Starbucks Coffee, it distributes some brochures to describe and give pictures of important information of the services. Apart from that, the staffs at Starbucks Coffee also provide evidence about the nature of service. Tidily dressed staffs give the appearance of friendly to customers. Conclusion As a conclusion, I felt that Starbuck Coffee have made their customers satisfied with their services as well as products. This company did very well on its staff training. The staffs are all well-trained and friendly. They also have the professions about knowledge In coffee. ...read more.

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