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This report reviews various components of strategic management by using an US based conglomerate, Tyco International Inc. (Tyco) as an analysis model.

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Assessment Task Cover Sheet Personal details Individual Assignment Group Assignment Student 1 Name Hoh Soon Cheong Student ID No. 1022039 Student 2 Name Student ID No. Student 3 Name Student ID No. Student 4 Name Student ID No. Student 5 Name Student ID No. Course details Course Code and Title MGT 703 Strategic Management Course Coordinator's Name Mr. Paul Corcoran Marker's Name Mr. Patrick Assessment details Assessment Type/Number Business Report Date Due 30 January 2005 Date Submitted 15 January 2005 Declaration I declare that this assessment item is my own (individual)/our own (group) work unless otherwise acknowledged. I certify that this assessment item has not been submitted previously for academic credit in this or any other course. I acknowledge that for the purpose of assessing this assessment item, where required in the course outline, I have submitted an identical electronic copy (excluding graphics/pictures) of this assessment item to a plagiarism checking service (which may then retain a copy of the item on its database for the purpose of future plagiarism checking). I acknowledge that the assessor of this assessment item may, for the purpose of assessing this assessment item: * reproduce this assessment item and provide a copy to another member of the Faculty, and/or * submit this assessment item to other forms of plagiarism checking. Forms Privacy Statement The University of the Sunshine Coast is collecting the information on this form to carry out its functions under the University of the Sunshine Coast Act 1998. The University of the Sunshine Coast may disclose some or all of this information to appropriate agencies if required including to the Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training, the Australian Taxation Office, etc. For more information, see our Privacy Plan available at http://www.usc.edu.au/news/privplan.htm Signature/s <Signed> Date 15 January 2005 Current address 186A Rivervale Drive #07-828 Singapore 541186 Executive Summary This report reviews various components of strategic management by using an US based conglomerate, Tyco International Inc. ...read more.


Population growth and stringent environment standards continue to also spur the demand for clean water and translate to continuous demand for TEPS flow controls and valves product. Aging population in many countries also favour healthcare product of THC. TE sales continue to grow as automotive, electronics, computer and telecommunications device industry expand. External Factors - Threat Changes in regulations and requirements in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, and fire and security continue to be one of the biggest threats to Tyco operations. These changes may cause the products to be obsolete or increase operating cost. Hierarchical Strategies There are different strategies at different hierarchy levels such as corporate, business and functional. Two-way interaction is required between two levels of strategy. Functional unit provides inputs (resources and capabilities information) to the business level, which in turn escalate the summarised information to corporate level. Based on the information, higher-level strategies can be based. Once the corporate strategy is developed, the business level and functional units translate it into more discrete action plans that each business segment or department must accomplish. Corporate Strategy Corporate strategy concerns with the selection of business in which the company should compete and the way cross-business activities will be integrated and managed. The strategy establishes investment priorities and steer resources into the most attractive business unit. (Thompson, A.A. and Strickland, A.J. 2003) In 2002, Tyco had an annual lost of US$9 billion and faced a staggering US$11 billion of debts maturing the following year. Tyco most crucial corporate strategy is to preserve its existence. Couple with that, Tyco also faced lost of confidence from investors, customers, suppliers and its employees. Tyco stops all merger and acquisition activities to preserve cash. It pulls cash from all segments to repay loans. Renegotiate repayment term of certain loans is also Tyco top corporate strategy. This is to gain breathing time for Tyco leadership to formulate and implement strategic management. ...read more.


Tyco Electronic world wide web http://tycoelectronics.com retrieved on 30 December 2004 5. Tyco Engineering Products and Services world wide web http://tyco-eps.com retrieved on 30 December 2004 6. Tyco annual report for financial year 2002 7. Tyco annual report for financial year 2003 8. Tyco company newsletter: "Tyco News", June 2003, April and May 2004 issue. 9. Tyco company newsletter: "Tyco World", July, August, Sept 2004 issue 10. Thompson, A.A. and Strickland, A.J. 2003, Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, 13th edn, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Boston. 11. Scott Kirsner, 2004, "One Tough Assignment", Fast Company, September 2004 issue, Fast Company, US 12. Euna Kwon Brossman, 2004, "At Tyco, A New Bottom Line", U.S.1 November 10, 2004 issue, U.S.1, US. 13. Suzanne Vranica, 2004, "Tyco Aims to Put its Woes Behind it", The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones & Company, US. Retrieved on 23 December 2004 from world wide web http://webreprints.djreprints.com/1037230505819.html 14. Claudia H. Deutsch, 2004, "As Its Ex-bosses Await Their Fate, Tyco Continues Comeback", The New York Times, March 22, 2004 issue, The New York Times Company, New York. 15. Jyoti Thottam, 2004, "Can This Man Save Tyco?" Time Magazine, February 9, 2004 issue, Time Inc, New York. Appendix 1: Tyco Presences Select List of Tyco Presences: Country / Location Country / Location Argentina Ireland Asia/Pacific Israel Austria Italy Australia Japan Bahamas Korea Belgium Latin America Bermuda Luxemburg Brazil Malaysia Canada Mexico Chile Netherlands China New Zealand Colombia Norway Costa Rica Pakistan Cyprus Peru Czech Republic Philippines Denmark Poland Dominican Republic Portugal Ecuador Saudi Arabia Europe Other Singapore Finland South Africa France Spain Germany Sweden Honduras Switzerland Hong Kong Taiwan Hungary Thailand India Turkey Indonesia United Kingdom Source: http://www.tyco.com/tyco/worldwide.asp Appendix 2: Tyco Brands (Please refer to the attached PDF file) Appendix 3: Tyco Ads 1 (Please refer to the attached PDF file) Appendix 4: Tyco Ads 2 (Please refer to the attached PDF file) Hoh Soon Cheong (ID: 1022039) Assignment 2: Strategic Management - Business Report MGT 703 (Strategic Management) 1 (Word count = 2569) Hoh Soon Cheong (ID: 1022039) Assignment 2: Strategic Management - Business Report MGT 703 (Strategic Management) ...read more.

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