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This will be a modelling project that will incorporate information, which will help people predict and calculate events, costs and probability.

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This will be a modelling project that will incorporate information, which will help people predict and calculate events, costs and probability. These types of programmes are familiar to many of us as they are used all over the world for both simple and complicated tasks. An example of this would be weather stations use super computers to predict weather changes by inputting information from past weather stations. I will use Excel '97 and input various factors after researching figures or data, which may affect the output of any calculations. The public may view the project so it is essential it is complete and of the utmost standard acceptable to BETHS. This will also affect my GCSE coursework grade. These will be possible scenarios for my modelling project. Mortgages: This model would calculate the cost of a mortgage as well as what monthly payments would be required and also the interest that would be involved and how it could be cut down. Savings Account: This particular model would tell you information about how much money you could put into an account and what return in money you would get depending on how long you would leave the money in an account for. Pet costs: This would allow people to calculate the costs in both buying and maintaining a pet over a yearly period, however it would only be applicable to one pet. ...read more.


? Yes ? No What type of format would you find the most interesting to use and understand: - ? An Internet web page ? A Powerpoint slide show ? Other (please specify) How detailed would you like the cost information on air travel? ? Very Detailed ? Not so Detailed ? Considerably Detailed. ? No Detail at all. Are you interested in the latest prices on holidays and air travel? ? Yes ? No Do you know how to currently use a computer for either looking through the Internet or studying information on Excel or other currently used programmes? Would you be willing to buy software that calculated your flight costs by downloading updated information off of the Internet? And if so how much would you be willing to pay for the software and amount per a download of updated flight information (downloads would be recommended fortnightly) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Computer Specification The specifications of the system used to produce my flight cost model, which will use MS Excel '97', are: 233 MHz Pentium Processor 32Mb EDO RAM On-board graphics On-board speakers Modem Capabilities I will need a fast efficient method to produce my work, this will mean that I must choose the least time consuming programs. The information I will retrieve will mostly be information from the Internet and personal interviews and surveys. ...read more.


I have personally checked and written the work so I will not expect there to be any negative feedback. What to Test Outcome Change to take place. Content: is the info correct? The teacher has checked the information involved in my project and confirms all of it is true and correct to an informative standard. No changes are to take place, as all is more than adequate. Is spelling and grammar correct? I have had various people check the grammar and spelling and yet they see no problem or inaccuracies. No changes are to be made seeming all is in order. Are the pictures clearly visible? There are not many pictures on my page except for the picture archive, which according to people is extremely eye catching and enjoyful to view. All in this section is in order and more than appropriate according to their viewing. Is the information easy to read and understand I have asked a variety of different age grouped people to read my page and see how well they understand it, all the people said that it was very clear and easy to read. No changes are required seeming that the page is easy enough to understand as it already is. The sources I used when I was carrying out my research were: - * The Internet * My local library (Belvedere) * The Teacher * My own knowledge * A Questionnaire * Magazines ...read more.

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