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Thorpe Park Marketing Mix

Extracts from this document...


Contents Page * Introduction * Market research * Questionnaire * Results * Market research analyse * Marketing Mix * Product * Price * Promotion * Place * Recommendation * Conclusion and issues for the future Introduction During this project I am aiming to produce a marketing strategy to increase the number of visitors to Thorpe Park. Thorpe Park provides a fun packed day for the whole family with a wide range of rides from fast to slow, big to small. Not only do they have thrilling and breathe taking rides but also a wide variety of food restaurants and snack bars ready to cater for all your needs. In order to produce an effective marketing strategy I will use market research. This will help me find out various information such as what type of rides people want, why people visit Thorpe Park and what would persuade them to attend the park more often? I will also research the local competition in order to make Thorpe Park the most appealing to potential customers. I will do this using benchmarking as it will show what Thorpe Park are doing wrong but also what they are doing right. This will allow them to improve their products and customer services. During my market research I could use both primary and secondary research as they would enable me to gather information through things such as the internet, questionnaires and newspaper articles. Different types of market research are essential if I'm to gather an extensive range of results and information to improve Thorpe Park. In order to analyse and gain full advantage from the information I collect I will use ICT to produce tables, graphs and pie charts. ICT will also make it easier to calculate figures and create percentages in order to build a visual aid to compare and contrast my results. Colours can also be used to show differences and make each section stand out. ...read more.


One rollercoaster is going to be black and in contrast one is going to be red - these will immediately catch the eyes of the visitor's at Thorpe Park. Both will journey through loops, corkscrews and many free fall drops, colliding towards each other but narrowly missing at the last second. It's a race to the end with both winning. It's not just the ride that's going to build the tension but the place in which customer's will queue up. I'll create a dark cave at the beginning which then eventually splits into two tunnels - one for each rollercoaster. There'll be interesting facts about each one and you chose which you want to ride. I've decided to use these specific tangible features as these are going to interest and lure people into the Park. Also from my research more people preferred faster rides and didn't want anymore smaller rides added to the Park. My augmented product is the thrill and excitement the visitor's of Thorpe Park will feel as they race through hoops and loops. Also, as you leave the ride you walk through a shop with the same theme as the ride. This will entice people to buy souvenirs especially if there are families with small children as the bright colours will instantly attract them. All staff will be friendly, willing to help people and have to wear only black and red clothes. Although people didn't want any more gifts shops I will still create this one as it will only centre on the theme. Price Cost plus pricing is working out what something costs to make or run and then adding on a percentage. For example if Thorpe Park costs �100,000 to run per day you would need to add a percentage. They could make this money through sales of tickets, food and gifts. As long as they are making more than they're spending they will increase their profit margins. ...read more.


However during the time you are improving the ride you will have to hire construction workers and the ride will have to be closed for a short period. Improve travel and awareness of Thorpe Park By making people more aware of the location of Thorpe Park it will enable people to visit the park more frequently and therefore more potential customers interested in the Park. This would benefit Thorpe Park as it would generate more money from entrance fees and also from sales within the Park. However it would take a lot of time to create a wider awareness of Thorpe Park. Build a baby cr�che and play centre for younger ages This would enable parents to enjoy a day at the park without paying the high cost fees of a nanny. By creating somewhere for younger children to play it would encourage more families to visit Thorpe Park as they wouldn't have to worry about not being allowed to ride certain rides because of height restrictions. Also this will allow parents to get rid or their children for a an hour and two so that they can ride the more thrilling and breath taking rides. This will be effective for Thorpe Park as it supplies more options and convenience for parents. However, Thorpe Park would have to employ fully trained nannies and also get insurance as they would be looking after children. Expand there indoor area By enlarging their indoor section it would mean that in poor weather conditions there would be a larger section for people to shelter under as they may be willing to go home if they bad weather consists. By creating a larger section people would be more willing to stay at the Park until they want to return to the rides. Attention Interest Desire Action 1 Questionnaire number 8 2 Questionnaire number 6 3 Questionnaire number 7 4 Questionnaire number 6 ...read more.

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