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To find any problems that may be encountered arising from an online presence and also any key business opportunities and how the online presence could improve the Heritage Park business

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1 The beginning 1.1 Title Page This report is written by Jessica Fogg on 4th January 2005. It is about Heritage Park hotel and what key business opportunities or problems that the hotel may encounter. 1.2 Table of contents Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 1.1 Title Page 2.2 Report/Findings cont. 3.1 Conclusion 1.2 Table of contents 3.2 Summary 1.3 Terms of reference 1.4 Methodology/Procedures 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Report/Findings 1.3 Terms of reference The deadline of this report is 7th January 2005 and the purpose of it is to find any problems that may be encountered arising from an online presence and also any key business opportunities and how the online presence could improve the Heritage Park business. 1.4 Methodology/Procedures To do this report I will be finding out what major barriers there are to a business with an online presence and also the potential of development of E-commerce to a business. Once I have found out the major, and minor barriers, of an online presence I will then look for ways to overcome these problems and to help Heritage park improve their business and list what key business opportunities will be encountered from the online presence. ...read more.


The achievement of these aims and objectives may be supported by the online presence because tourists and companies on business trips may be looking for a hotel in the area that specialises in various activities. Since the hotel has a wide range of amenities they can cover the majority of their customers' interests and for business meetings the hotel has rooms especially designed for the purpose. The online presence of the hotel means that the customers can actually see pictures of the hotel, leisure centre, bedrooms, restaurant and business rooms giving the customer an idea from where they are sat rather than having to visit the hotel first. Online booking is effective as it is a much quicker way of bringing money into the business. Customer feedback and guest books will give new customers a brief view on what previous customers have thought of the hotel and whether it is a good hotel or not. There may be problems that the management would encounter with an online presence which could be the * Cost * Fraud * Trust from customer * Training * Data loss Cost would be the main problem of an online presence because ...read more.


3 End of report 3.1 Conclusions I have come to a conclusion that Heritage Parks main problem of online presence is whether they would attract enough business to cover the costs but that overall the online presence supports Heritage Park achieve their aims and objectives and also gives them the chance to experience more business opportunities. Providing the online presence is a success and the aims and objectives are met then Heritage Park will be able to expand the business a lot further and make a lot of profit. 3.2 Summary I have written this report to help the management of Heritage Park to understand what business opportunities they could possibly encounter from having an online presence and also how having a website will help to achieve the aims and objectives of the hotel and how it could attract customer interest. The problems have also been looked at of an online presence so that the management of Heritage Park can take these into account and set out a plan of how they could overcome the problems if they are to start an online presence for the business. Unit 6 assignment BTEC National Diploma Business Year 1 Jessica Fogg 1 ...read more.

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