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To what extent do you agree verbal communication is the most valuable form of business communication?

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´╗┐To what extent do you agree that verbal communication is the most valuable form of business communication? There are three main forms of communication - verbal, written and non-verbal communication. These types of communication all have their pros and cons when being used in business; however it could be argued that verbal communicant is the most important. Verbal communication means communication through mouth. This can be done in a number of ways, such as face to face or over the phone. In the business environment, verbal communication can be used during presentations, speeches and negotiations. Face to face communication is important within a business as it helps to build relationships and trust with individuals both internally and externally. ...read more.


Unlike written communication, oral transmission does not require time to consult, draft, type and post ? which makes it the best method to use when immediate action is required. Another advantage when speaking face to face, the ability is gained to influence the receiver. The speaker can talk in a way to judge the other parties replies and change his argument. Opinions, feelings and attitudes can also be taken into account to influence their decision. (Rodriques, 1992) Oral communication is important within business as you can receive feedback. Talloo (2007: 406) states that ?oral communication provides the opportunity for feedback. When people communicate orally, they can ask questions and test their understanding of the message. They can share ideas and work together to solve problems?. ...read more.


A disadvantage of non-verbal communication is that people from different cultural backgrounds may send out different body signals which may be misinterpreted. These disadvantages should not rule out the fact that communication within a business is not important. (Debasish & Das, 2009) It could be concluded that all types of communication are equally important when put together to run a business successfully. The main aim of communication is to ensure that the receiver has accepted and understood the sender?s message. The strengths and weaknesses will vary for each communication type; depending on what message is trying to be put across relates to what channel of communication should be chosen. An organisation needs communication to carry out activities and to achieve set goals. (Hanumantharao, 2011). ...read more.

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