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To what extent does the use of business software guarantee success within a business?

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´╗┐The introduction of business software is guaranteed to maximise business efficiency?. To what extent do you agree with this statement? Increasing efficiency within a business is something that all business owners are looking to do. When a business runs efficiently profits are increased and wastage is decreased creating a healthy bottom line for the business. Most businesses, whether large or small, need to consider computerising aspects of their operations. In my opinion I agree with this statement, as good software helps you to work more efficiently and to cope with more customers, but with fewer staff. It can help you keep control of your business and give you confidence that you?ll be able to satisfy any regulators. In some cases, software can make a new way of working possible and advance your business ahead of its competitors. However, to get the best out of software, a business needs to choose what software it wants carefully. ...read more.


However there are disadvantages to it, namely people not knowing how to use the software. If a business wants their workers to use this business software, they are going to have to train the workers- not only does this cost the business both time and money but there is no solid guarantee that training them to use this software will actually maximise efficiency. Additionally, if you want to write something down quickly, it takes more time to switch the computer on, open the word processor and set up the document than it would if you were to write it down using pen and paper. For the advantages of using spreadsheet software, the key one is the accessibility of the software. With the near-monopolizing that Microsoft held over the personal and business computing world's operating systems, it only naturally followed that their Office software suite would gain popularity as well. ...read more.


Although the programming language to perform formulas can take a slight learning curve, the objectives (find the sum of this column, perform multiplication between the totals in these two cells, etc.) is inherently understandable, and with a little research even those not having used a spreadsheet for long can discover how to find the answers they need in their data. However there are also many disadvantages of using spreadsheets in a business. Firstly, spreadsheets can quickly become corrupt just by altering very little of the content. And that's extremely hard to trace. If you've got no means of verifying them, or no audit process surrounding them, that's a massive risk. Anybody who has got access to that person?s PC can copy and paste and steal valuable information in seconds. Additionally, if an error is made in your formula, every single calculation done on that spreadsheet will be wrong. Furthermore, if someone is not familiar with spreadsheets, then it can take them a long time to adjust to all the formulas, which is very hard. ...read more.

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