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Today it is widely recognized that information systems knowledge is essential for managers because most organizations need information systems to survive and prosper. Information systems can help companies extend their reach to faraway locations

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AF2061 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION SYSTEMS "Today it is widely recognized that information systems knowledge is essential for managers because most organizations need information systems to survive and prosper. Information systems can help companies extend their reach to faraway locations, offer new products and services, reshape jobs and work flows, and perhaps profoundly change the way they conduct business". "An information system can be defined technically as a set of interrelated components that collect (or retrieve), process, store, and distribute information to support decision making and control in an organisation".1 Nowadays companies use information systems (IS) in their daily operations. IS have made the day-to-day operations of a business much easier. For example, with IS, companies can become more efficient, profitable and built a competitive advantage in their industry since it is easier to control their stock, allocate production costs, control these costs, predict sales and expenses and increase productivity. Thus more and more firms use computerised systems especially in the financial services industry where competition is more intense than ever. ...read more.


Many companies also use the internet making it easier for their customers to access their products. However, each company has its own methods of production and the labour is specialised in different ways according to what kind of company it is. Management also uses certain methods to organise and control the company. That is why the IS used by each company has to be carefully developed or selected in cases the company wants to install an already existing application software. The software has to be one that will best suit the company's activities and objectives in the future. In order for that to happen, the company's systems have to be examined and then the proper IS to be selected or created. After the appropriate IS is selected it has to be implemented by the lowest cost. However, some costs will definitely occur since the employees will have to be trained to use the new system and the new hardware has to be installed. ...read more.


Information should be provided on time and the overall system should improve organisational performance. In order to achieve all these, managers should fully comprehend the level of complexity and risk that implementing new systems involves, be fully aware of the threats and rewards of various technologies as they make their technology selections and maintain an appropriate level of users' participation at all stages to avoid resistance by the members of the organisation. We have therefore discussed that IS is a growing science used excessively in our days. It has grown fast in the last few years and it continue to grow at an even faster rate. It helps companies to increase profits, expand their activities and position in the industry and gain more power in the competitive market. However, the management of each firm has to consider some factors before using an IS to control the company. It has to make sure it is an appropriate IS for the company's needs and that the employees that will use it are well informed about it. Otherwise unnecessary costs will definitely occur and the company will, first of all, lose its competition with the other companies in the same sector. ...read more.

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