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Transcript with Assistant from video shop about record keeping

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Transcript with Assistant from "Urbanites Videos" This will help me in Project Two, as I now know what the user requires exactly. This transcript is a very important part of the system as it should be designed around the needs of the user. How do you keep records of your customers and stock? Currently, we write down the details of our customers and stock on pieces of paper with about 20 customers on each sheet and keep them in a filing cabinet. What details do you keep of your customers? We keep their addresses, telephone numbers, age, how much money they owe us, and genre preference. What records do you keep of your videos or DVDs? ...read more.


Customers ask for all sorts of information, including the age restrictions and genres. However, the most common information asked for is the title and price. Do you find that sometimes there is incorrect or missing information on one of your customers? There are often mistakes on the details of the customers and it causes confusion, but if they are noticed, mistakes are generally rectified the next time the customer comes into the shop. How do you find information on one of your customers when you need it in a hurry? We only have one method of looking for information, and that generally takes a very long time, unless you are very lucky and the customer whose details you are looking for is one of the first pages that you pick up. ...read more.


How do you send letters to all your customers? We only send letters when it is unavoidable because it would take far too long to have to write the letters about 350 times and then to have to address all the envelopes. If we do send letters, we only send it to a few customers about seriously overdue videos or DVDs. How do you keep your accounts? We have an accounts book and we write everything in by hand. How do you do your calculations in your accounts book? We use a calculator because it saves time and is easier than doing it by hand. Do you find that there are mistakes in the accounts book? Yes, there are sometimes mistakes in the accounts book, however these are normally rectified or ignored. ?? ?? ?? ?? Lerisna Kassie Page 1 of 2 ...read more.

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