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Travel demand questionnaire (LoughJet)

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LoughJet - QUESTIONAIRE Dear passenger, We would like to ask you to answer few questions in order to do a feedback of the service offered by LoughJet. We appreciate your opinion, either negative or positive. We at LoughJet want to know in which area we are doing well and where the level of service quality is not suitable. Your experience during the flight is very important to us, either poor or pleasant. We look forward to see what you think about our service. We can assure you that your personal information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence and your identity will remain anonymous according the Data Protection Act. ...read more.


Travel agency â¡ Internet â¡ At the airport â¡ other â¡ If you ticked other please specify ________________________________ Why did you choose to book it using exactly this service? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.3 How would you rate the way you booked a ticket? Excellent â¡ Good â¡ Fair â¡ Poor â¡ Terrible â¡ it could not be worse â¡ 2.4Please explain to us what makes you think this way _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2.5How long before the flight did you book? Less than a month â¡ 1-2 months â¡ 3-4 months â¡ 5-6 months â¡ 7-12 months â¡ over and year â¡ Reaching the airport Did you use own car to get to the airport? ...read more.


_______________________________________ _______________________________________ Please tell us, in your opinion, what should be done to develop this sector of servicing? __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Do you think there should be more luxury restaurants or fast food restaurants? Or vending machines (providing snacks chocolate bars, cold drinks, coffee etc.)? During the flight When you book do you look for flights, during which serving food? Yes â¡ No â¡ Why you want this kind of flight? ___________________________________ ___________________________________ ___________________________________ What is your opinion about the quality of served food? Do you think it is delicious or it is not as it has to be? _______________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Do you think all the food should be prepared on the plain? Why? _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Thank you for your time! Enjoy your flight! After the plane lands, please leave the questionnaire on your seat. Page | ...read more.

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