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Tutor R Us - Creating an IT system.

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INTRODUCTION Tutor R Us is a small business developed by Sarah Thomas and is located in Uxbridge Middlesex. The company is one and a half year old and was run at her home with only herself and secretary. The business is basically about recruiting tutors - particularly university students as well as qualified teachers, and placing them with students at different levels of their education for private tutoring. With the nature of the business the clientele has grown considerably and so a personal assistant had to be hired and an office had to be rented from which the business now has to be run. At the moment records are kept in an impeccable filing system. Because of the rapid growth of the business, Miss Thomas finds difficult to keep up that filing system. The tutors and client files are kept in a filing cabinet in chronological order while the contact details are kept in a carded system on the secretary's desk. Miss Thomas approached Mark Jacobs a computer consultant with this problem and asks our help to set up a system to carry out such task as recording clients (students) as well as employees (tutors) details, appointments details and subjects on offer. The system is to be linked with a word document containing the company's letterhead to use as a mail merge for correspondence to the clients (students) ...read more.


FULL IMPLEMENTATION TECHNICAL Hardware needed: Computers to be organized in a network, including IBM compatible CPUs, VDUs, HUB, cables, printers, scanner and a main server will be needed as well as back-up system. Software needed: because the new system would be networked, software will be shared thus making it cheaper. Software includes a Microsoft Office package with such applications as MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Power Point, MS Outlook, MS FrontPage and MS Publisher. SOCIAL/LEGAL The new system required will need trained staff. The company has to obtain software licenses and data obtained about their clients and employees (tutors) will have to be protected by the Data Protection Act. ECONOMICAL Taking into consideration the number of hardware and software needed, one has to realize the cost of the new system is going to be very high. The initial cost of buying PCs and other hardware devices to be networked varies. Each PC will assumeably cost approximately �700 each, a scanner about �80-�100, printer �150 depending on the brand and the type, cables may vary, a server also varies in price. Please take into consideration when bought in bulk, the price could be considerably lower. Training staff to use the new system is going to be time consuming and very expensive. ...read more.


All in all, easily accessibility, low maintenance, user friendly and time saving are some of the features this system has to offer which will make work more enjoyable as it will almost be stress free, guarantee accuracy and saves time. DESIGN The application packages that will be used are Microsoft word and Microsoft access. The most suitable application package is Microsoft word, this soft ware is more appropriate because it could be used to write reports and other information that is relevant to the staff and the students at Tutor R'Us. That software can also store documents that are needed by the staff of Tutor R'Us. The hardware the staffs at Tutor R'Us are central processing unit along with input, output and backing storage. The central processing unit is the part of the computer where the searching and sorting of data, calculating and decision-making goes on. Input, this is the stage of computing is concerned with getting the data needed by the program into the computer. The output, this stage of computing deals with producing the processed data as information in a form that is useful to the user. These devices would be useful at Tutor R'Us in that data and information of any collection of number, characters or other symbols that has been coded into a format that can be input into a computer and processed. ...read more.

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